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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's Tuesday afternoon--do you know where your blog is??

In today's quick trip around the ring we:

Say hi to new ring member Walk Humbly.

Muse with Blanket in the Grove about kids in worship. Read about the Danish cartoon crisis from our ring member on the scene in the middle east. Consider Jo(e)'s ettiquette questions. Wonder with Wendy about where to draw the line. Share Pink Shoes' reflections on 10 important things. Consider major changes with Chaplainland. Look at patterns with Cheesehead. And enjoy Gavin's guestblogger's on the scenes report from the Emerging Church event at Yale. Feel free to point us to anything exciting happening in your neck of the blogwoods.


  1. I have a cute picture from a Texas Chinese New Year's celebration.

  2. I'm a nervous wreck over my interviews for postulancy this weekend, and I'm learning how to use a thurible - in my backyard where I can't hit anything.

  3. (Imagining getting hit in the head with a thurible...ouch!)

    I have just issued a liturgical challenge to readers -- a hypothetical worship opportunity looking for some creative worship planning.

  4. I would love to be part of a group that plans worship services. In my church, we have "traditional" and "chapel" and "new" worship... all wonderful but somewhat disjointed from each other. I'll visit luth-chik and see what's going on!

    PS: What's a thurible? Does it relieve stress or create more of it?

  5. I have started the recipe swap over in my blog.

    A thurible sounds like something from the old Star Trek.

  6. drop by to check out bono's speech at the national prayer breakfast. absolutely amazing!!!

  7. A thurible is a brass (or other metal) incense container used during high church services. It hangs on a chain (or a group of chains) and can be swung in interesting patterns. I'm learning how to use one for processions. At some point I'll try it with lit incense/coals, but for now using it empty is hard enough.

    I think it's actually reduced my stress this week - it's given me an outlet for some of the "oh no what if they hate me!" energy I've worked up regarding my interviews.



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