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Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday, Monday

It's your friendly neighborhood Songbird, taking on the round-up for Mondays, in concert with Pink Shoes. We're trying a few new things on the blog, and these divided round-ups three times a week are among them. Look for round-ups on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays we will have a lectionary prompt; Thursdays will be for introductions and profiles of ring members; Fridays will still feature a meme, but I will be sharing that duty with reverendmother when she returns from maternity leave.

Now, on to the ring!

Wendy at My Backyard writes about a moment of recognition and healing.
RuthRE wonders what to write on a cake for a beloved pastor.
P.o.C. quotes Theodore Roosevelt.
juniper68 responds to some questions raised by reverend mommy.
will smama finds going to the pediatrician to be somewhat frazzling.
Quotidian Grace shares the 7 Song Meme; here's are much more high-flown than mine would be! (Darn those boys putting Fatboy Slim on my iTunes!)
Caroline is visiting D.C.
Rev. Dr. Mom took some beautiful pictures this morning.
Revem is taking Tai Chi.
reverendmother makes me cry with her beautiful poem.
Closer to home, we survived the slumber party.
Being Shielded shares some close encounters of the undergraduate time.
Mark is counting down as he awaits important news.
Amy assures us that Jesus is *not* her boyfriend. (Nor mine, girlfriend.)
Peripatetic Polar Bear's last two posts are all about fun with words. (Teehee!)
The Tentmaker is thinking about how to do church.
Stacey is under the weather, but she still has to walk the dog. (Believe me, I feel your pain!)
Twerpette ponders bandying.
Natty loved her weekend.
Beth's to-do list for reading week makes me tired!
And last, but not least, zinnhead catches up with the Friday Five.

Go and visit your ringmates, and leave comments! We all love the comments, don't we?


  1. Hey RGBP's,

    I didn't know how to do this, so I submitted my blog to the ring surf again. I changed from Telling Truth to Loud, Brash and Dramtic. Please tell people. I can't post it on my old blog because there isn't one. Feel free to drop by, visit and link. Come by soon, I have abandonment issues!

  2. Okay, Marie! I've removed your old blog and added your new one to the list and the blogroll.


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