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Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Excuses for Not Round-uping

With apologies to all the RGBP's:
--I got in this afternoon after several days in St. Louis at the Presbyterian Christian Educators' Annual meeting;
--To find the electricity off in our area for about 3 hours :
--Then Blogger wasn't working, either
--And the dog ate my homework.

Please give your updates in the comments and I'll be back next week with a complete Saturday tour of the webring. This wasn't a good week for the round-ups with everyone working to get their Ordinary Time Devotions completed. Next week should be better!


  1. I've posted responses to reverend mommy's questions and reverendmother's bible quote challenge.

    (That's a lot of reveren(ce)(ds).

    Glad you got out for sightseeing in St. Louis.

  2. I think your dog ate some OT entries too (grin)

    I've been looking at Solomon's prayer. It's amazing and I also responded voer at stf. to RM's Bible quote challenge. There are so many positive and encouraging scriptures it isnt easy to choose!

  3. Blogger being down almost gave me a nervous breakdown yesterday (it doesn't take much.

    I wished our son a Happy First Birthday at preacher, blogger or procrastinator.

  4. I would love your opinion on dating over at Girl Gone Great.


  5. I found the Blogger strike an excellent reason to procrastinate writing my Sunday Gospel essay.:-(

    Before the system went down, I wrote an apologetic little missive to all my visitors who come to my blog in search of something else, and also described my first brief venture into the land of the living after my influenza experience.

  6. BTW, is the grid updated as far as still-unspoken-for dates?


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