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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Not So Rigorous Round-Up

It's Monday. Pink Shoes is on a trip, and I am enjoying my husband's company for the one full day he is home between month-long jobs out-of-state.

So I hope you will forgive a non-inclusive round-up on this day.

We're going to try the "next" blog method and find the first ten blogs that have updated in the past day or two.

Erin has been on retreat at a Benedictine Abbey, where she had a dramatic experience of the Labyrinth.

Katherine is on retreat as well, leaving today for a--wait a minute! she's headed to a Benedictine monastery, too! (Did I miss out somehow? Are we all going on retreat?) She shares a story of a past retreat and how the silence affected her.

Teri describes the service at which she preached this weekend and also wonders about how we determine the boundaries between worship and pastoral care, when one of our worship leaders is not really up to the task anymore. Good questions!

Willow brings us some words from Tom Fox and asks what we are doing here?

Her name is Juniper, and she's a blogger. Why and when do you blog?
(Absolutely anywhere and anyhow. Does that suggest a problem of some kind?)

Hipchickmamma is having "the talk" with her 10-year-old daughter. (Been there! Still there!)

Quotidian Grace contemplates a controversial action and its aftermath.

Lorna has some deep thoughts on prayer.

Gavin wonders if bloggers are modern day prophets?

And finally, Beth Quick wonders about women and blogging, including some kind words about this community of bloggers.

Please feel free to leave a comment here directing us to your blog entry today. As Beth points out, sometimes women bloggers (which is most of us) are disinclined to self-promote. But don't hesitate to do it here.

Also, take a minute and check to see if your RevGalBlogPals sidebar item actually works. Some of ours do not. If you find you can't get "next" or "random" to work, or if clicking on the web ring name takes you to Reverend Mommy's blog instead of here, please send me an e-mail ( and I will send you the corrected code.

Monday blessings to all!


  1. Oh, OK. I am have never left a comment about one of my posts... but I am reading the prophet Ezekiel and have posted my thoughts over at the Big Dunk.

  2. And I've put up a picture of my prospective cat, who will be named after no less than two famous biblical characters, thus justifying his presence here!

  3. On Sunday I posted a modern re-telling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, and today I posted a reflection on the parable.

    There's also some nice photographs if you scroll down a bit....

  4. I am mulling over why a line from the end of Goblet of Fire is sticking with me so much. And mulling over the difference between being a member and an adherent...

  5. I posted about a moment of inhospitable hospitality.

  6. And I'm pondering whether the total wipe-out of the diary pages in my electronic organiser is a sign from God that I have been too busy!
    Also trying to remember where I ought to be over the next few days and weeks....

  7. I have back-to-back posts, one about Jesus and the other about Satan...wondering out loud who they really are Biblically and otherwise.

  8. I'm longing for spring, both physically and spiritually.

  9. I've posted about some good news about a friend. Other odds and ends as well.

  10. Just a subtle reminder: my blog never shows up as "updated" so I don't know if the "next" function works either!

  11. Mine does not "update" either.

    Thus, to toot my own horn: I have been blogging about text and interpretation lately...that and visions and community and my Irish music...oh, and what was that comment about blogging about anything everywhere? I have no idea what you mean.

  12. cheesehead, "updated" is a function of Blogrolling. "Next" is a function of RingSurf; what matters there is whether you have code installed correctly on your blog. And it really just effects whether we can navigate *away* from your blog rather than *to* it. (At least in theory.)
    There are quite a few blogs that don't show as updated: Typepad, Journalscape, even some Blogger blogs. I have tried every ping possible to get mine to show, but it doesn't. That's a feature I could remove, if people wanted. In doing the regular updates, we don't rely on the notation of "updated," just so you know.

  13. Oh. I guess I didn't understand what the "next" function does. Oops. Sorry.


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