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Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Question

How many of you are coming to the Festival of Homiletics on May 15th to 19th? How many would be interested in a "Mocktail" hour? Fingerfoods? Would you prefer a room at Peachtree Road (may be cheaper) to convene in or do you want to convene at Doubletree Hotel?

Personally, I'm actually pretty concerned about parking everyday -- PRUMC is not known for it's generous amount of parking.

And I may try to reserve a pew for RevGals. I think we need a thingy to put on the namebadges to recognize one another.... like a red carnation or we should all carry blue umbrellas.... What would you suggest?
(I will NOT be wearing a "Does this Pulpit make my Butt look big" tee-shirt.)


  1. No, I won't be there, but I think it's great that some RevGalBlogPals might be able to meet up there (for the first time or otherwise). Very cool.

    It dawned on me a while ago that there are a number of festivals/ conventions/ conferences that might draw RGBPs. I wonder if there is a way to have a central location (blog post?) for such affairs. I've been wanting to send it out into the RGBP universe that I'll be attending the Mix in '06, the Quadrennial Women's Convention for both the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. I don't know of any other DoCs around, but certainly there must be some UCCers.

    Anyway... have fun at the festival! I genuinely wish I could be there.

  2. sometimes I wish I lived in the USA. Today is one of those days (after reading this). Be blessed all of you Rev Gals who go ... and be sure to blog about it too.

    with you in spirit.

  3. I WISH I was going, but the whole Egypt-to-Atlanta flight is both "old" (I'm over it) and expensive. So not this year. maybe next time...

  4. As you know, I will be there and am looking forward to whatever meet-ups can be managed!

  5. I would SO love to go! Money is the problem. If I found a super cheap air fare, I could probably swing that and the registration, but would still need to sleep somewhere (sigh!).

    Perhaps another time when it's a bit closer to home...

    Have fun!!

  6. I'll be there, leaving on Thursday evening. If there is a 'RGBP pew' I won't be in it the whole time because I'm also traveling with clergy women friends from Snow Belt, and will need to spend some time with them, too.

    My cup runneth over...

  7. PS: Sue, it rotates between Atlanta, Our Nation's Capitol, and Chicago, as far as I can tell.

  8. How neat, I hope those that meet up have a good time...on that note anyone from the UK going to Spring Harvest Easter Week???

    How about wearing dark glasses and rain coats....very spy in the camp!!!

    Or even a code word...I watch too many movies!

  9. I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to meeting some of you there. A gathering would be fun, as would a pew. Sadly, I have no brilliant ideas for an identifying sign. Maybe we should all carry copies of the Ordinary Time book...

  10. I am looking to go. Nueva Cantora and I are thinking of going...staying at an empty house...anyone interested in free lodgings? It is still a bit of a drive from the church (30+ min) but it is not a hotel.

    Bring a sleeping bag.
    We'll deal with the co-ed thing. off an e-mail.

    t r i p p at anglobaptist (dot) orgh


  11. I'll sorta be there--meeting with my cohort group starting on Tuesday, but I will drive in (with revbaby) for any and all RGBP events.

  12. How about wearing dark glasses and rain coats....very spy in the camp!!!

    Sally isn't that normal attire for spring harvest? laughing

    Rev Gals really does need a logo! Artists out there ... we need you :)

  13. Are there no artists among us?
    I have ideas but no skills:
    Beehive or bee (since we gave one to Heifer)
    The letters of our name going in a circle, which reporesents both a round table or a communion plate or whatever sort of circle you like it to represent

  14. I would love to attend. Sadly, my day job gets in the way.

  15. Logo suggestion: I'm thinking of a casserole dish with hand joined around it (sort of like the hands-joined-around-the-globe idea). The handle on the lid of the casserole dish could be a cross, and the RGBP letters on the front of the dish.

    I would draw it, but it would look like fridge art from pre-schoolers. No, actually the pre-schoolers would do a better job than I would...

  16. Yup. I'm planning on going. I think Beth is working on it too? I'd love a meetup, and don't care where!

    Maybe we could have code word, and join in the spy-fun with the UK folks..

  17. Logo wise I gave up when it came to the hands- but I do have a casserole dish for you.

  18. revhrod, I checked it out and it's wonderful!!

    I think the hands might make it a bit "busy" anyway. And I love the slogan underneath it. Good work!


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