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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday A-K review (written on Saturday A-M)

Happy Spring Break! or it is for me, anyway. I'm off to visit my parents for several days. Then I'll return to lie on my back in the yard, look up at the oak tree tassels, and let the dogs climb over me. I plan a fine time.

So, what are YOU all up to? In the first half of the alphabet, anyway? Hmmm. Let's see:

Jan starts your day with some really, really excellent thought questions. Have your first cup of coffee before you start.

I'm always a bit slow on the uptake....but I was delighted this morning to see who it was, up Against the Brick Wall. Not delighted that she's in that particular place, mind! But had missed her.

Peter is saving energy, while surely adding to his already astronomical daily walking total! He is also very funny. Bonus: go back two days and read his post on Sacred Harp singing.

ARGH, Katherine finished her sermon early and it has run away from her computer. Don't you just HATE that!

If you are swapping with Mindy, and haven't sent your recipe're late! Don't feel bad; I was. Mindy is gracious and slow to anger; full of compassion and mercy. And sooooo funny!

Blanket in the Grove has a dandy new banner and some lovely poetry. And Canticles brings us Tales from the Crypt (of music-teacher-land).

Go ahead, tell Cheesehead what you think. She won't take it personally. Tripp is moving and eating sausage.

Contemplative Chaplain has had a bad scare, and I think (having had the same scare) you ought to go read about it, so that YOU will not have the same scare one day. Sally is teaching about a mind/body/soul initiative. Very cool.

ATTENTION! HeyJules is on retreat, and if you want to read her "where I came from" you better hurry. When she gets back, she's taking it down. Jo(e), also, is off on retreat, and Erin too. You are all in our prayers.

Cats is watching the world go insane...because, what else can you do? Don't miss your chance to play Leslee's caption contest.

Grace upon Grace writes beautifully about running away from church. Been there, but I couldn't have said it half so well.

Grandma Jean has been knitting prayer shawls (me too) and the recipient of her first shawl could use our prayers. Hipchickmama asks for prayers, too (as she listens to bluegrass...) Janellen has been on a formal visit/interview. PRAYING!

Emily's Lenten series is wandering in the wilderness. Tina's welcoming you to the Pharisee Olympics.

Hit the Back Button has a cool scripture meme.

Sue discusses the value of being ANGRY and expressing it.

Wishing you all a pearly day.

(Oh, and I have a question: those of you who have your blogs set so that, when I hit the back button, I can never escape them...did you do that on purpose? If so, why? And how? (There are three in this half of the alphabet.) Pls. answer in the comments. )


  1. Wow I'd forgotten about Spring Break, we've been back in the UK for 6 years now ..we have no Spring Break here. My twins are sad as their birthday always fell at Rodeo time In Katy Texas, here they have to be in college!!!

  2. I have never been the activist type, but I recently learned something that makes me want to change that. Drop by over at my place to see if you agree.

  3. Yes, Sally, but don't they have an Easter break? My study abroad students in British colleges have 4 weeks!


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