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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Please go to the Ordinary Time website to view a list of everyone who has contributed to the book and their bios. There are MANY bios missing (including mine) and we need them ASAP!!!

Thank you!

Lorna via Reverend Mommy via Me


  1. To whom should the bios be sent?

    or posted on the O Time site? I'm sorry, my brain is spinach...

  2. POST THEM as a comment on the OT blog (or as a comment here) please.

    no more emails :)

    Thanks for posting this for me Will Smama :)

  3. I left mine on the Ordinary Time blog comments. I will contact my friend Zorra who is not an RGBP member and make sure she knows to respond.

  4. Ah yes, Lorna - thank you for the clean up on the details. At 7:30 am and with the batteries on the laptop quickly wearing down I did not think about where people should put that information.

    Off to do mine!

  5. Anybody know whether "Sally Coleman" and "Sally" are the same person?

  6. Zorra is (among other things) a wife, friend, clinical psychologist, native Southerner, naturalized Texan, Presbyterian elder, and amateur theologian. A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, she is happiest when reading, cooking, traveling, singing, or especially when hanging out with her husband of twenty-three years and their elderly cattle dog. She doesn't blog, but is an avid reader of many of the RevGalBlogPals.

    (If this is too long, trim it mercilessly.)

  7. i know that this isn't about the book; sorry. yesterday, i had a very disturbing run-in with a pastor. could you all please pray for me? i gave a bit of details on my blog. . . .

  8. I have pasted in information from Blogger bios for those we did not have as yet. We know have some sort of bio for all our authors.

  9. That should be "now we have". Good thing I asked Lorna to edit my meditations!


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