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Monday, April 10, 2006

Moving Through Monday

It's Monday. Seriously. Monday of Holy Week.

Some of you managed to post. I had a thought, but that doesn't translate into anything written.

Heroic Monday-blogging RGBPs:

Rev-to-be-Mibi shares a moving story; reverend mommy offers morning prayer; reverendmother describes her first Sunday back at church; Connie shares a poem she has written, a Mary Magdalene monologue; Amy reminds us of a few things about cleanliness and godliness.

Shorter posts came from:
Susan Rose, who shares a challenging and necessary quote from Henri Nouwen; Lorna, who shares a beautiful thought; Heather, who recommends a movie; and being shielded who does not shield us!

Medical posts:

Mary Beth's little puppies are undergoing a procedure, while Natty is under the weather.

Finally, Texans and former Texans are enjoying the post in which Quotidian Grace shares some, um, artful photos.



  1. My Monday is blogged as well, but I think it went up just behind your roundup. Which is sort of the theme of the day...just a little behind. On everything. Sanity most of all.

  2. I've got an 8 year old who's wondering how Good Friday got to be called 'good.' He seems to have a budding Orwellian sense to him. Blanket in the Grove

  3. I was challenged by a documentary last night it made me stop and look afresh at Holy Week from another perspective.

  4. So sad when you forget your blog address!!! Too much to do....


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