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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Posts since the Last Round-up: A-Z

I do not know if Net traded with someone or not and since I have no desire to work on sermons anymore tonight I will take a stroll around the ring and find out what has been posted since last Saturday.

There is a lot of good stuff out there and hopefully when you take a look blogger will let you comment and not royally tick you off like it did me.

First - for all of you burned out pastors out there - go and check in with Rachel. Thanks for the reminder!

Holy Week/Easter Sunday Reviews
Zinnhead and hubby tend to head to the Ocean on Easter but shhh, don't tell him it is a tradition. And for next year I am going to take her recommendation on what to do for Good Friday.
Beth shares her favorite Easter hymn with us. AND - probably more importantly for her - she just received a piece of paper in the mail that declares her a Candidate for Holy Orders. Is that like the Ed McMahon sweepstakes? Just kidding - congrats!
What is your only comfort experienced good response to the posters she put out about their Easter services and a yummy Easter dinner despite the antics of a demon possesed refrigerator (my words not hers, what else would you call a frig that breaks down on Easter with a full morning of services followed by a house full of guests?)
Amy Avery lived to tell about her first Holy Week at her new church.
Singing Owl marked the week with candlelight. And is now happy to report that her church is creeping into the 20th century (yeah, you read that right).
Our favorite polar bear posts of packed churches, baptism and communion. She also has a former card catalog to fill with lots of stuff... you my friend, are living the dream.
Another Easter song - ALLELULIA! and VERY helpful tips for the 21st century pastor both the informative and the silly.
Shield the Joyous had a television Easter.
A Simple Stone.
rebel without a pew had a close call on Easter afternoon.
Rainbow Pastor gives us an Easter round up and opens up an interesting dialogue on being a Christian.
Shhh, Chaplain Lydia is napping.
RuthRE has some reflections on her week.
Loud, Brash & Dramatic had a couple of things that made her cry.
Sophia is still processing.
Hazlenut Reflections gives us her Holy Week statistics and then reminds us that it only takes two.
Kathryn gives us her summary and a unique way of finding things to blog about.
Sounds like Gord applied the Good News to his town's current situation on Easter Sunday? Making the Bible work in current events... are we allowed to do that?
Poor Mad Peter has posted a brilliant (IMHO) sculpture of the Resurrected Christ.
A Raid on the Inarticulate was given a poignant reminder about what Easter is all about.
Jennifer gives us some homilies and a menu!
Cheesehead gave us a brief review of her Easter Sunday before she left for some R&R. She also leaves us with this quote: "We got that dude in the cave and back out again this year!"

Ummm, You Mean We Still Have Church after Easter?
What she's got up her sleeve now is discussion on the lectionary texts for this Sunday.
Jeff posts on the pros of lectio divina and is thinking Ecclesiastes.
Jean needs some pointers from all of you who have been chaplains to a church committee.
Travelers Together are beginning their 90 days through the Bible. As we all know, in the beginning was Genesis and that is where they are.

Prayer Requests
For DSS and family
reverend mommy as she recovers from eyelid surgery - ouch!
Girl at Processing Life.
For Joe's crunched bike.
Jeff's father-in-law.
Thankfulness for a beautiful spring.
Becky's friend.
Micah Girl is in a place of discernment.
The victims of the tornadoes.
Tammy Jo

Personal Stories
Natty has been grumpy and a lot of that can be traced directly back to the width of her scotch tape. I kid you not... but shed no tears for her because hope comes in the size of an egg-shaped Snickers treat.
Songbird has a new look and a sister-in-law that I have GOT to meet... and become instant close friends with.
Okay, I read her blog just about every day and yet I still cannot sum it up for you. You will have to check out Lorna for yourself.
With brilliant dexterity reverend mother ranges from top ten lists to poetry.
Rev. Dr. Mom is in the city.
rev2bmibi gives us an Easter rundown and a realtor rundown.
Juniper68 dared to go under the couch.
Kirstin is learning and listening.
A. Lin posts on the American dream.
Gavin has a plug for a legit petition.
Grace upon Grace had a service to do on Monday! Her reward? A scary car trip in a driving snow storm.
Girl at Girl Gone Great (shouldn't there be a law about two folks having the same nickname) is getting grumpy at work.
Leslee gives us all words to live by and one of those moments.
On racism and brown crayons.
Sarah at Contradictory Notions on being a Christian mentor.
Contemplative Chaplain is enjoying spring, the journey and the Dixie Chicks.
Tripp posts on politics, on religion, on bands, on the Statue of Liberty among many things... call me an old softie but my favorite sentences were these: The coffee is good. It tastes better (when) my wife is around.
Cathy knits has a shawl to share.
Canticles is making some lifestyle changes.
Blanket in the Grove's 8 year old has a money making plan and the apartment hunting continues.
Mindy posts on addiction.
Beth Quick asks: Are you a risk taker?
Dangit! I was sure Bad Alice was dreaming of me.
Katherine is keeping her sense of humor.

Revem, there are no words. FEMALE PREACHERS UNITE!!! We need a bat signal or something when stuff like this happens. I think according to Songbird's husband our signal would look like this: (o)(o)

Lutheran Chick's Own Personal Category
Why? Because in four day she has posted about Easter, lamb chops, homophobes, mourning, the box, Christianity caricatures, a personal altar (with pictures), an alphabet meme and trash. That's why.

Fun Stuff
The Vicar of Wadley has left the building.
Twerpette has got a number of thoughts going on.
Cat fans should check out this post by MikeF proving that there is actually a saint for everything. There is other good stuff to be found here too so be sure to browse a bit.
I am not sure cat fans should look at St. Casserole's latest randomness or not. Go at your own risk.
Stacey has got post Holy Week brain drain and so does her computer.
Of Gnostics and Judas can be found at Quotidian Grace.
It ain't up yet but I am going to post about having the bright idea of doing a round-up because I thought a lot of folks were away this week and now two hours later I am only at the lower p's (and I started at the bottom)... yikes!
Ahhhh, baseball.
Although I am afraid Miranda would probably not wax quite so poetic about the sport.
Check out this Mary J. Blige post.
Did you see Wendy's Easter eggs? Wow. (And yes, I meant actual Easter eggs... what were you thinking?)
James has got some recommended reading.
Ooh! Preacher Mom mentioned me. Pretty cool even if it is out of envy. I wish you could be here too.
Not unlike Hank Williams Jr., Jo(e) has got some family traditions.
I am not sure which is more masochistic: relaxation by cleaning one's closets or by having your muscles ripped into by a well rested masseuse. Inner Dorothy did both!
Hipchickmamma is car shopping.
Cats has got the latest and greatest in blog gizmos. You HAVE to check it out.
Hey Jules asks us to use our senses when answering some questions about God.
Chelley's Teapot is looking for the missing link. (ha, ha.. get it? The "missing link"... fine. I'll just laugh at it myself.)
Have you placed your Birckenstock vote?
A&E's God or the Girl has caught quite a few of your attentions including Jan.
Here's a fun meme.


Wow. Gotta admit when I took on this project I was under the distinct impression that folks had not been posting this week. I was wrong - and they were great.

Thanks folks and as always if you were missed (seriously, not a chance... I don't think) or if you have something to add PLEASE do so in the comments.



  1. what a wonderful round up. Thank you :) (Seems that being away is good for you!!!)

    Be blessed :)

  2. WOW what an amazing round up!

    Have you done anything else since Easter, surely this would have taken a week!!

    Thank you it will now take me a week to work my way through it.

    Thank you also to the RGBP's for your support, although from a distance. It has really begun to mean alot to have people who just understand without the need for long explanations or justifications.



  3. Wonderful stuff your eyes must be giong funny!!!
    I posted late...grumbling again!

  4. will smama, you are so right about Mr. Songbird.

  5. Songbird - hee, hee, hee - there was a lot of reading so I was hoping you would catch that.

    revem, not all week but it did take 4 hours (including a break for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart). I am not at work this week and I willingly took on the challenge but the other women who administer this site (especially reverend mommy and songbird) put in a lot of their time weekly to keep this site going.

  6. We are not worthy!

    How much coffee did it take to do this?

    Seriously, WM, this is superb and a hoot to boot! Many thanks.

  7. Impressive work. Thanks much.

    While people are visiting my place, I hope they'll read my report on our Easter Vigil; posted on Sun, Apr 16, it currently appears about half-way down the screen.


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