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Thursday, April 13, 2006

So You Say You Want a Round-up (N thru Z)

What she (will smama) said.

Oh - the self-promotion thing? I'm afraid that will carry over to next week also - at least for y'all at the end of the alphabet. I'm off to Another State to do the grandma thing! Hot dog!


  1. net, I'm going away on my day next week, which is one of the reasons I updated this week!
    I've been posting the series of monologues I wrote for use on Passion Sunday. Today: Pontius Pilate.

  2. I have pictures of one of our church members distributing quilts we made to wounded Marines at Bethesda Naval Hospital and a request for prayers for them.

  3. I've started a blogring for United Church of Christ bloggers. Come on over and sign up!


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