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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Round-Up: A-M

I have got some time between meetings so I thought I would get going on this project. As always feel free to correct, tease, promote or just take up space in the comments...

My friends we are meme-ing like you would not believe.
Besides the alphabet one (whose participants in my half of the alphabet include: against a brick wall, mindy, Cheesehead, sally's journey, Gord, Net, I will sing, inner dorothy, jo(e), and coming VERY soon will smama); there is also a do you have/do you/are you/have you/did you meme going around as seen at Ordinary Time and Yodabeth.

Don't look now, but Jennifer's thumb is quite green. The latest group of Bible readers in 90 days are hanging out in Exodus and Numbers. Poor Mad Peter has an interview to do with Bo Diddley. Yes, soon Bo knows Poor Mad Peter. And Katherine has got a burst of energy.

If you know what the Book of Resolutions is then please go help bethquick.

We receive a poignant post today from blanket in the grove. Somehow Brother Terry got from the yellow submarine to the second coming in one post. Seriously, check it out. In Chelley's Teapot we find our latest addict to 'tracker' and a picture of a gorgeous day. Tripp is cutting back on Spam calories.

This Chaplain gets Contemplative about Lexapro, open communion, the party that was 9 months ago, slow motion allergies, feminist images of God and coconut creamer. Dash goes to Church... and Costco. Hey Jules has a reminder for all of us who have Administrative Professionals in our offices.

Finding Avalon does some analysis on her blogthings quiz: What's your religious philosophy? I wonder if she did as much analysis when the quiz was: Which muppet are you? Leslee has got her top down... made you look! Congrats to Kathryn's Darling Daughter on her big decision and to Kathryn for making me laugh then writing two long post and then doing a brief one on top of that in reference to Information Overload.

Hazelnut reflections is covering a colorful spectrum of black and white, lime green, and orange. Heavy Revvy is emerging from the darkness. Welcome back and I am stunned that someone said that to you. Oi! There are celebrities in our midst and their names are 'hipchickmamma' and Susan Rose.

Can you help Cole with a survey? Forget Emmaus! Hoosier Musings is being frisked on her way to Big Sky Country (apparantly she is moving). The word for today is: muddy.

What do you think?

One of us has witnessed a great goodbye. James is all over the cultural map with poetry, honeysuckle and Pink. Go check out the good news and the bad news over at Lutheran Chik's. A very hearty welcome to Miranda's new family members. But right before that things get a bit 'kinky' in her blog.

Sorry that spanned over two days folks. I appreciate your patience.


  1. I'm not in your part of the alpha, but I posted a question about how to move beyond committee meetings in the church and would love some feedback.

  2. My world collided today ... and I survived.

  3. I have a dilemma regarding a wedding request. If you feel moved to do so, please stop by and offer your suggestions. Please!

  4. I have supplies for an alternative Easter liturgy! (Or, just come see what my crazy friends gave me.)

  5. i think i got fozzy bear when i did the what muppet are you... and no, i didn't do nearly as much analysis on that one. :)


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