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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hey! That's Not Quotidian Grace (M-Z)

MEME'ers (not to be confused with mummers)

Jean points Episcopalians and other towards an
interesting article. Thanksgiving and laughter over at Musings of a Discerning Woman, Come one and all to the Graduation Open House!

Did you know one of our members is about to run a marathon? Steph is NOT playing games. I think I sniff the next meme to run through the ranks... notshychirev introduces to us Matt's 100 questions.

Do you think God commands the people to wage war? The weekly pop culture round-up can be found over at Jeff's place. Pink shoes is playing in the dirt. Quotidian Grace is off to the the most interesting law school graduation I have ever heard of.

Rainbow Pastor has summer plans and flowers. Rebel without a pew is stuck between a rock and a new staff member. Remembering the Alabaster Jar is seeing the beauty.

Stop by here for some whine and cheese or here for some squirrels and birds (and NO Brother Terry, not to eat). Shield the Joyous questions knowledge. Sister Christer gives us her week in review.

Wow, I just found somebody who loved camp! Is there a prophet in the house? Mary Beth's father is turning to the Bible to help him fight The Government.Stacey had an interruption of the good variety. The Ice Floe left behind her skinny armed friend for her latest enterprise.

Willow posts on motherhood. Revabi has got herself quite a stole. Zinnhead is celebrating the new priorities of summer.

As always.... please comment.

WHOOPS! I just realized I skipped a group. Anyway to add to this template to change the link color when it has been visited recently. That helps me keep track of where I have been while doing the round up. Anway...

reverend mother is back with some bulle... er, small circly things that are placed so people know there is a new (totally non-violent) random thought. --phew!--
Be sure to check in on Lorna for the next few weeks as she lives her own adventure with planes, trains and automobiles.
And Songbird gives us the always humbling window into her soul.

Did I miss you too? Please comment...


  1. I am officially starting the application process to become a Groovy Sister!!! :-DDDDD

  2. I posted about my trip to Seattle. Thanks to those who prayed for me. ((((All)))) And the most recent post is that I am going to be a GRANDMA! Wooohooo!

  3. Thanks Songbird, probably should have asked that more privately (sheepish shrug).

    I love the new design. It is so much more crisp looking.

  4. Do you love it enough to deal with the highlighting problem? Still trying to figure out a solution...

  5. Thanks for switching with me, Will Smama!
    I'm back now and had a great time.


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