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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hey! This isn't Saturday! Late A-K from Québec

My dear ones,

As always, travel and technology have presented me with challenges I didn't expect: my Montreal hotel room does NOT have WiFi or broadband as promised, and the "internet café" across the street had one station! for which there was quite a line.

Thus your brief roundup comes as I prepare to head to a day-long workshop. I'm going to randomly choose 10 folks to feature, and I humbly beg that the rest of you will round up yourselves in the comments! (and that way, in my limited computer time, I'll be able to get some of my Saturday "fix.")

THERE ARE PICTURES of Miriam Hope (of the Gord family!) Bless the Lord, our souls!

Starving Artists reviews (briefly) the DaVinci code and shares some cool games people play.

Contemplative Chaplain is rebelling about: panty hose. I'm with you!

HeavyRevvy asks for our prayers for Steve's mom Wanda and also for Cathy and David. Leslee also calls us to prayer. Girl is sick and needs prayers, too!

JaneEllen reports in on her week's conference. Some good stuff there.

Brother Terry has a poem...from his son?

Emily posts some considered thoughts from the Phyllis Tickle conference. Great stuff and she's looking for comments...

and Kinesis is saying goodbye and readying herself for the hellos.


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  1. I'm in Canada. My adaptor doesn't work so can't recharge the laptop or download pics oh and my site's being bombarded by spammers ... other that life is GREAT.

    Went to Niagara today and also Niagara on the Lake. Tomorrow heading over towards Cambridge ... coffee/breakfast with a youth pastor to talk Eucharist, and then lunch with an online friend. Wow!


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