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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

QG Takes WS's Wednesday M to Z Roundup

Will Smama kindly switched with me this weekend while I was out of town attending my daughter's law school graduation. Thanks, WS! So I'm here today in her place. And....away we go!

And speaking of our friend Will Smama, will someone please get the woman a very special vase for those plastic red/white/and blue flowers? And maybe a couple of adult beverages, too, for her and Random Thought Woman.
Reverendmother is back from the National Cranky-Pants Presbytery meeting--what a great turn of phrase! Reverendmommy says that now that she has met some of the RevGals she hears their voices when she reads their blogs. St. Cassarole is coming up for air after catching up with chores that built up while she was at the Festival of Homies. Revabi is trying to make all those moving logistics work out. Revem had a very difficult week with the death of close friend and a cutback in her job. Singing Owl also had a scare last night, but now all is well.

Rev Mibi wonders if she is who others say she is. Micah Girl found some answers in a passage from Phillippians. There's a nice reflection by Caroline on understanding beauty at Remembering the Alabaster Jar. Lorna finds "ground zero" at a new church plant. Pink Shoes wonders what types of devotions work for you? Welcome back to Susan Buchanan who checks in with a post about trash and treasure and one about Kathleen Norris. Being Shielded mediates on a chapter from Living Buddha, Living Christ. I'm asking whether the church should eat the seal meat?

Mark encounters a big Warning Sign on his search for a call. When is a dip in a hot tub like baptism? Ask Swandive. Stacey finds refuge on a brief retreat. Rachel is grieving over a "friendship undone". Twerpette thinks optimism is NOT a realistic strategy.

Believe it or not, Polar Bear swears she is still growing! Literally. Our sympathy to Songbird's Molly dog who is under the weather. Sympathy also to Susan Rose who is suffering with an overzealous toaster.

Seen THAT MOVIE yet? Rainbow Pastor did and reports it's pretty gory and you might prefer Over the Hedge.

And that girl with the honky-tonk glam to match her new truck must be Zinnhead!

I hope I didn't miss your latest post, but if I did, please tell us in the comments. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I need to thank Possible Water, who helped me find summer housing in Seattle!

    Yay! Thank you so much!

  2. There is only one Mediator, and I'm not it. But I did meditate on Thich Nhat Hanh this morning. :-)

  3. I talk about my trip to Eden and rant about The Da Vinci Code.

    Been feeling a little ignored the past couple roundups...:(

  4. Um, Jeff? I rounded you up approximately 48 hours ago.

  5. Ah. Didn't see that.

    It's not really an issue. I was just in a bad mood last night. Church stuff.


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