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Monday, June 05, 2006

Brokedown Blogroll Monday Round-Up

Sisters and Brothers, Blogrolling is having technical difficulties, so with no further ado we bring you the RingSurf "Random" Feature Brokedown Blogroll Round-Up.

Erin is celebrating the movement of the Spirit.

Pink Shoes is very cool. How cool? Read and all shall be revealed.

Catherine shares a beautiful poem about feeling alone in church.

Quotidian Grace has the scoop on the case of the Atheist church member.

St. Casserole wants to know: what will be your text for the Red Tent Preaching Conference?

Rev. Stacey tells all about vacation plans and her opinion of Tom Cruise. (Okay, the first part is an exaggeration.)

Considering all this, it's no wonder Gord doesn't have a new post today.

Zinnhead wants to know: would you like another reporter from General Convention?

Cheesehead says she's over herself now, but I say, why not think of this as Birthday Week and stick with yourself?

Okay, now I'm in trouble, because Cheesehead's RevGal box doesn't have Random or even Next as an option. It only has Join and List, which are no help at all, and Previous. Hmm. Sort of like "Drink Me." Shall we try it?

Aha! That brings us to Ordinary Time: the Book. Did you know the entries are going up day by day? Don't let that stop you from clicking on the picture of the book in the sidebar and ordering a copy!

Steph is finding the news aggravating. (I'm guessing she is not alone.)

Dash has a series of posts about Pentecost; the photos are wonderful.

Gavin asks "what's the problem with Hendersonville?"

Contemplative Chaplain says...well, just go and see, okay?

Lorna and Carolyn went to the edge together.

Episcobrarian, honey? The Random function loves you and wants you to post real soon!

And now, friends, I must say this to all of you. If you have recently changed your blog template and are missing the RevGalBlogPals code on your blog, and the little buttons do not appear, please add them once again. If you need help finding the code or instructions on how to add it, please e-mail me ( There are very few requirements for belonging to the RevGalBlogPals webring, but this is one of them. Next week when I am not so busy, I am planning a late spring-cleaning of the webring and blogroll. Blogs with no posts for a significant period of time and blogs without code will risk being removed. I am a softie, so an e-mail in my direction might make a difference, but the idea of a web-ring is that interested web-surfers can cruise smoothly from one blog to another without reaching dead links. And if you are missing the little RevGalBlogPals item, you become the end of the line.

On that note, go here if you want to know what I heard in line this morning...

Yours on a Monday night,


  1. Say, RevGal Matriarchs--
    Do you know when the Ordinary Time book will be available through Amazon? I was hoping to save some $$$ by ordering it through them and using my Prime Shipping account to get it sent to me for free. But I can't seem to locate it on the Amazon site yet . . .

    Blanket in the Grove

  2. Soon and very soon. Within the week.
    BUT it will be the full retail of $18.99.
    For it be listed on Amazon, the price had to go up.

  3. MAM! Yes MAM! Ring code is fully restored to Lutheran Flavor, MAM! :) Just needed the kick in the fanny to get around to it.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. After arguing with BLogger a bit (kept timing out on me) I got a post up about atonement theory of all things. Really, like I have time for random topics. I have to write a column for the paper this week and have no idea what to talk about. THen there is that sermon thing for SUnday--on the Trinity, now there is a nice light topic.

  6. Well, Gord, at least the Blogroll is working again! It's a Trinity Sunday Week Miracle!!

  7. Ah, I may need to add the code back onto my blog- please folks pop over and pray for my daughter- she had a bad final rectial- and needs our prayers...

  8. My Thursday post didn't make any of the round-ups, and I'd love to see some comments on it. Please see "Thinking 'bout Salvation" on Thursday, June 1.
    Comment, if the spirit moves.

  9. I'm ranting in mine...Politics will do that to me!

  10. the rev gal thing is right at the bottom of my blog because that's where eija (who manages the site) put it. hope that's still ok?

  11. Yes, Lorna, that's fine as far as the code is concerned.

  12. Hey everyone

    Just letting you know I have blogged after a bit of down time. We have found a house!!! Very exciting




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