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Friday, June 09, 2006

Here comes Saturday A-L (Late Edition)

Stories from CPE
Roundup starts with tears in my eyes at the amazing and wonderful experiences Jennifer/Claire has had in her first night of CPE on-call. Praying for her and ReverendMommy and everyone doing CPE this summer (did I miss anyone?)

TammyJo celebrates marriage, engagement, young love, and willingness to commit. Mindy shares a gratitude list and calls for players for an ephemera swap. Blanket in the Grove has enjoyed a "fresh Saturday" and continues to explore her new 'hood. Bad Alice is reading Paste and has good news!

We Wonder as we Wander
The Travelers Together (Bible in 90 Days group) are in various places in the Old Testament. StarvingArtists is wondering what men want? So if you are a man, please go tell her. (Brother Terry is going to ask for directions...that's what HE wants!) Cheesehead wonders what will happen in her upcoming absence with...THE RUNAWAY PARISHIONER! Tripp considers the fate of the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Longing for Home is looking through her high school bible and pondering the changes in her life since then. LutheranChik is pondering Garrison Keillor's Lutheranism and the way the GK movie was reviewed on NPR.

Just Plain Funny
Go read about Sue's wordless conversation with a stranger at Overpriced Coffee Place. Jo(e) and DH have been travelling and ended up in the Honeymoon Suite! after 22 years of marriage, yet. Great story.

Updates and Other Blessings
Great to have an update from Mary - lots going on! We are praying for you!
Peter's Friday poetry has a Finnish theme. BethQuick's reflecting on the UMC Annual Conference. Katherine shares information on the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Against a Brick Wall has some particularly poignant lyrics for us. Canticles is back from her job interview and thinks it went well! HOORAY!
Cathy is buying a new house, going on a cruise, buying amazing daylilies, and MORE! CleverTitle is starting her goodbyes. Contradictory Notions is feeling evangelism catch fire! Speaking of which, go see photos of Dash's Pentecost paraments and and other fiery ornamentation! wonderful. Girl finally got that new template up and it rocks. Grandma Jean's giving a life update. HipPastorZWife considers...children in church (ie her own) and I think the important thing is, she is considering it!
Great to see Kim back and read about her Memorial Day travel-extravaganza! Singing at St. John the Divine, yet!

GavoWeb has sister photos and an update on an...erm...extraordinary & flawed tattoo. JaneEllen has a new cat to go with her new move, new ministry, new house!... she leaves for all of these in 3 weeks. Sophia has an official seminary assignment, and a house to sell!

Brash & Dramatic thinks about (eventually) eaving school teaching and the amazing kids that she loves as her own.

Love During Wartime provides photo-proof that planting at the new moon works! Great to hear from Luctor et Emergo who is busy and busy; please keep her dog Addie in your prayers.

Catherine is praying and thinking about the upcoming General Convention of the ECUSA, and I bid you all to join.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...
Contemplative Chaplain is on vacation! Leslee's not on vacation, but has been embarked on a new and wonderful program of body consideration. It is a change and that's a great blessing. Gallycat, too, has been trying something new (a mini-vacation?) Good on ya! Kinesis is off to Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a week - one of my favorite places to go offline. Blessings to you! Anyone else heading off soon? Give us details in the comments!

Sally considers Atonement. Dylan's sharing thoughts about the Trinity. Emily shares her Trinity sermon, complete with visual aids! Goooood technique! Gold star!

Don't know where else to classify Kathryn's posts on her Mothers' Union talks: Answering God's Call. And also the poem that she shares (book reference given, Amazon here I come!)

Participation, please
The HeavyRevvy is wondering about your most recent crisis of faith and how that all worked out. If you'd like to share, go over and tell about it.

Have returned from Mertzon, TX and environs. Thanks for your patience with the late roundup and your good wishes for my trip, which was fast but fun. My sister's home is so peaceful. I find that to be true in every home where she lives...hmm...maybe it has something to do with her! :)

I'm so grateful this evening that I have the opportunity to revel in all of your amazing writing and thinking. Thanks to each of you for participating, and for letting me round up! Blessings to all.


  1. Have a great day- enjoy your family, see you Sunday!

  2. Where in West Texas, Mary Beth?
    I'm in West Texas visiting extended family (not that West Texas isn't HUGE).

    Contemplative Chaplain

  3. They have a home in Mertzon, the closest town; and the ranch is about 20 miles from there.

    But I'm back now. :) Hope you have a great time, CC!

  4. Wow...small world, I was actually IN Mertzon just yesterday where my in-laws have a ranch! We're now in San Angelo at their other home. Such a small, small world. I find it fascinating when our paths (quasi-)collide.


  5. CC, that is amazing! I bet anything that my BIL knows that family...he is the 3rd or 4th generation to run the Bill Scott Ranch and he grew up there. :)


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