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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fun, Fun, Fun Wednesday Festival

Welcome to the BlogFun Wednesday Festival ... Next week we'll feature family and friends and such so email your nominations to:!

And now, without further ado:

It wouldn't be sensible to keep your blog the same... Which is why you should read Sense and Nonsense's take on how to update a blog using various templates... What's fun for some!

It's not vacation without kids in the car...(Really the whole thing shouldn't be a link, but I'm not always so savvy.) And a vacation picture, which I think could make you some money (at least in some parts!)... Along those same lines, Cheesehead

Psalmist from The Psaltery posts a "Hump Day Humor" post and this past week it was devoted to "Saints There Ought To Be." Check this out and suggest your made-up saints' names. I know you have them. St. Pink Shoes has a certain ring to it, I'm thinking... She-Who-Keeps-All-in-Stylish-Shoes... Anyway, on with the festival. Although Kathryn has a different way of getting you thinking about the saints.

In this post Calacirian is a soldier of a different sort, and guess what a winning soldier! Especially when one considers what the digging earlier in the summer would have eradicated... mmmmmmmmm.... summer berries! Gord tries his hand at a summer weather meme... head on over and play! While you're there, check out the riddle that's one post back. It nearly made me spit my drink.

If you're looking for some anagrammatic goofiness (and really, who isn't?), desert faith has just what you need!

Perhaps you've read this tale... of appliance woe. If yes, read it again, if no, read it. Kitchens continue at KEWP's... dish obsessed as I am? Stay away from these adorable, amazing dishes. No kitchen is complete, though, without one of these...

Splishin' and splashin' If only all pastors were this much fun. Sue has been charmed.

Hungry for summer? I am after reading these recipes at Nueva Cantora.
But not for this. I completely and totally agree, and I have often wondered the same thing myself.

St. Casserole shares a poem about livin' with teens. Ginger shares some great kid/Texas stories. Or, you could have kitties like these.... Chosen also blogs about handling herself and kids; this post is not necessarily funny, but as the nominator suggests, anyone who can write this has to have a sense of humor! I'm learning that it helps to have a sense of humor when it comes to raising kids! But lest you think it's all about kids... it's not.

Here's a picture that'll make you giggle! And so will these and these. Lorna posts a different cartoon... This cartoonist also makes an appearance at sally's place... very good stuff!

Don't already read Jeff's pop-culture round-up? It's an every-Friday occurence... Can't understand soccer? Try watching it in Spanish! Unless of course you speak Spanish... then perhaps another language would work for you! Stranger yet, look at Poor Mad Peter's entry here.

Let us know about other fun postings in the comments and don't forget to email us for next week.


  1. What a fun collection of posts! Thanks, Pink Shoes!

  2. Edited to fix the link to ReverendMommy's in-the-car-with-kids post. Sorry about that!

  3. Wow, this site looks really weird on my computer right now (like there's no template or something....) - anyone else having that same problem?

    For blog games, I'm propsoing a book exchange...check it out over at my place.

  4. Agreed about the really weird presentation! I know Songbird was going to be working on it...probly it's a work in progress!

  5. Yes, the template is wonky. It's hosted by Typepad, and Typepad is down at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience! I assume it will reappear when Typepad feels better.

  6. And, yes, there is a makeover in the works, but it is waiting for our upcoming anniversary of the RevGalBlogPals.

  7. Well, nothing like technical difficulties to speed up blog renovations. Feedback welcome! There may be a few little bugs to work out.

  8. This is such fun! Fun, fun fun.
    And I've needed fun....
    Thanks one and all.

  9. Nifty new template!! It's so bright and happy.

  10. I'm liking the new template, too. Nice & clean.

  11. Yes - I agree with James. Nice and clean... easy to read. Thank you!

  12. I love the new look! I think it's much better than the more recent one which I had found difficult to read and engage. This one is bright, clean, cheery, and distinctive. Looks great! Thanks for the great work.


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