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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mississippi Mud

This Saturday evening eight people from my congregation plus one member of another church in our presbytery will arrive here for a week of post-hurricane Katrina reconstruction. We are very excited about this trip as it will be the first "adult" mission trip our church has sponsored in recent memory. Our youth group goes somewhere each year, alternating between projects nearby and projects farther afield, but no one can remember a mission trip for grown-ups in quite a while.

Several of our RGBP ring members live in areas affected by the storms of recent years and our first book project, (see sidebar) directed its proceeds in part to hurricane relief efforts. As we celebrate the one year anniversary of the RevGals ring this week, pause to say a prayer for those still living daily with the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

And remember, if you have a mission project you would like to share, e-mail us at and we will share your expericences on our Monday Mission page.


  1. erm ... the books aren't in the sidebar at the moment. I think they are sold out, or in cyberspace or something ...(grin)

  2. I'm fixing the sidebar as I type!

    The proceeds from the Advent Book have already been donated to Church World Service's hurricane relief efforts. There hasn't been a decision yet on the proceeds from the Ordinary Time book.
    And the Cafe Press store proceeds continue to go to Heifer Project, as decided via consensus here on the blog last year.

  3. Awesome PCIT. Your story is similar to ours. We are going on our first adult mission trip outside the state in October. I am so pumped and holding my breathe as we just announced it and I don't have any official takers yet.

  4. Know a good mission project you'd like to see featured on Mondays? E-mail the information to Monday Mission Moment (see the sidebar) and purechristianithink or I will get back to you.

    We need your suggestions to keep this feature going!

  5. Also check out Sam Thompson's quest to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. He was the relief coordinator at the First Presbyterian Church in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi for the first 10 months after Katrina.

    Now he is raising awareness as the recovery continues.

    (we were there on a mission trip the week he left to start running)

  6. I just read the 50in50in50 thing, which I hadn't heard about before. This is incredible! go Sam!

  7. prepared for the people of Pearlington to steal your heart! I led a group there in April and we fell in love with the people and the town. God is doing amazing things there! If you haven't already found the site, go to It has great information about the town. May God work through your team in mighty ways.

  8. Yippee! RGBP MEET-UP! Hooray!
    See you soon!


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