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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sunday Prayer

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God of our Journeys, today I pray for travelers. Vacations, work, a relocation across many miles or a trip across many people are on the move at this time of the year. I pray that you will provide safety and guidance and a sense of your presence on all the journeys of your people.

Whether we journey from home to church, from gladness to grief, from middle age to our gloaming, from single life to married life, from the crowded world to our private solitude -- God, stay close and guide our steps. Inspire us to call upon you in times of great joy with heartfelt thanksgiving, for to do so makes it easier to call upon you in times of heartache and loss. When things go wrong, God, help me to turn toward you and not away from you.

God of Grace, as I lead in our worship tomorrow, I pray for the power and presence of the Spirit in our midst. I've done my part to prepare, and to ready my own soul, the rest is up to you. Only you can take the words and the silences and the music and the spirit of our worship and reach into the heart of someone who needs you. Let your seemingly accidental grace work its power in worship wherever two or more are gathered today, for this and all we do, is in the name of the One we call Christ. Amen.

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