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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Meet n' Greet

This is the part of the week where we will get to meet new members of the web ring and greet those we already know in a more in depth fashion. Reverend Mommy and I will be your hosts. Currently we are still working on our blogger questionaire so for today I will focus on the 'meet' part...

Melissa is a seminary student at Drew Theological School in New Jersey. Her blog can be found at: Going on to Perfection... Well, that is one of her blogs anyway. I'll let you peruse to see if there is another way to get to know her.

In her own words: I'm originally from Maine, but currently living in exile in New Jersey. I'm a United Methodist from birth, and hope to be an ordained elder serving the New England Conference one day. I'm currently fascinated by the emerging church movement, and part of me thinks it would be interesting to start an emergent UMC in New England. But, we'll see if that's what God has in store for me!

Right now she is walking through the discernment process of choosing a supervised ministry. You also gotta love that she just jumped right into the revgalblogpal Friday Five.

Barbara is from Oklahoma and describes herself as: a postmodern homemaker, at-home mom, homeschooler, and afterschooler, with a Web-based business and a, um, calling for faith formation. How did I get here from grad school in meteorology? My best answer: "Grace happens."

She blogs at Effervesence. I spied with my little eye 2 kids, nearly a year of posts, knitting needles, books and YES the Revgalblogpal Friday Five.

Next we welcome Chosen who blogs at: Warrior's Heart (although I got to say I like her url better: preachinmomma.)

In her own words: Married with children. (5!) I am a writer with several projects in the works that will be published soon. And...Oh yeah--I just happen to be called to preach!

Located in Tennessee, 'Chosen' blogs on Scripture, marriage and being the best Christians we can be.

Finally a confused welcome to St. John's Rev Abi. Confused because I don't think Rev Abi is new but what the heck! Here she is in her own words: I am a female United Methodist Minister serving in the Shoals area of AL. I've been doing this for quite some time now, but I don't know it all, and am not an old hat. I have served in a variety of ministry positions. I am married with three wonderful children, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

She most recently posts about Fourth of July memories and I know she is a frequent commenter on our own blogs.



  1. Thanks so much for the welcome! :-)

  2. Hey, will smama, nice job!
    You're right, RevAbi is not new, but she changed her blog title, and when I was trying to edit her RingSurf membership, I inadvertantly deleted her! So welcome back, RevAbi-no longer of Wadley-currently of St. John!!
    And welcome to all you knew RGBPs, too!!!

  3. Welcome to our humble webhome. Help yourself to a cuppa tea and join in the fun!
    So, Vicar of Wadley is now reinvented! How's Florence?

  4. well done welcoming committee :) I love this.

    welcome all -so glad you're making yourselves at home already. Is that bare feet on the table, coffee in hand and your noses in books - I mean blogs? Yes, you are in the RIGHT place for laughter, tears, support and frank talk about God :)

  5. Wow, Lorna - nice welcome. Be careful, I just might recruit you.

    Vicar of Wadley... I KNEW it!

  6. "And behold I make all things new...", even the vicar of Wadley to St. John's Abi. Who knows I may come up with another name. This is what being Methodist does to you. I just didn't change the code to make it easy on you all, and well the truth, me. I am having to change so many other things these days.

    But no matter what I am still Abi.
    And Florence is great. I love it.
    And I am glad to be Pastoring this church.
    You all sure surprised me, but thanks so much.


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