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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Family, Friends and all that....Late late not quite Wednesday Festival!!!

This should have been posted yesterday and I apologies and grovel in my forgetfulness....I have no defense and will probably miss loads of people who deserve to be read, so if that includes you please leave a comment at the end of this post.

First and so important we continue praying for Cheesehead though the funeral is over there are still so many hard times ahead... Chelly posts a prayer for her here
More prayer is needed as Possible Water helps a family to mourn the loss of a child following a road accident

Moving is a theme at this time of year Pam has moved on to pastures new to take up her first position as a Probationer In the Methodist Church in the UK, drop by to encourage her in this new role.Peter is also on the move...Canticles has moved into a new role starting teaching at school, Mindy is moving into a new season of life as Bebo starts High School another child moving on, or should I say out- of his crib anyway is Gabriel... Go read Erins account

Emily is back at Seminary... Prayers for everyone starting their new year of study, that God will bless you richly at this time... Micah Girl is moving into a busy time too.
Lorna is chronicling some of her time away from home and family- also studying I am also preparing to go to Summer School for a week

Emily at Hazelnut reflections has found things the same as they ever were... Back from vacation and right into the thick of it...

On a personal note pop by and encourage Mary Beth- give her a hug....

Songbird has been on her travels and is sooo proud of Son No 1... I am sure she will have much more to tell...

Singing Owl posts about a juxtaposition in her family life... Smallest Angel also awaits a new arrival...

So there it is my O so short round up... Please please add a comment if I've missed you


  1. I assumed the lack of a post was intentional, so we could focus on our prayer.

    Speaking of which, I also posted a prayer which refers to Cheesehead's situation.

  2. James, I thought the same thing. Although then later in the night I was wondering...

  3. Me too. I really loved the idea of us all praying at once. I hope that we can do this again under better circumstances. I blogged a bit yesterday..mostly cheery stuff.

  4. I got all worked up about an offhand attack on feminism this week...

  5. i too thought it was on purpose!

    having said that, i have accepted a call and now need advice on negotiating the terms, choosing a place to live, and transitioning into my first call! Plus any advice on buying a house or a car (or both). And prayers for all of that.

    I've blogged about it a little but not too much because I still have the COM meeting and congregational vote to get through.

  6. I'm looking for some advice over at Luthern Flavor

  7. Speaking as the culprit in the original non-post...I apologize...vacation followed by the flu equals loss of cognitive functioning. Thanks, Sally, for the great job.


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