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Friday, August 11, 2006

Join the RevGalBlogPals, Incorporated!

Dear RevGalBlogPals,

The last year has been an amazing one! From a July 2005 comment-fest at St. Casserole's place, we have grown to a group of over 200 members, published two books of devotions, and donated approximately $120 to Heifer International (from our CafePress store proceeds) and approximately $1,100 to Gulf Coast hurricane relief. We have also forged amazing friendships and gained valuable spiritual friends and supporters.

Our future plans include more publications and applying for grant funding for some type of retreat or professional education events for members. In order to best accomplish these goals, we have determined that we need a more formal structure, and dues to cover the associated costs (including filing for incorporation and non-profit status).

As you may recall from Quotidian Grace’s post of July 22, RGBP recently incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Texas. We have a temporary Board of Directors: Songbird is President; Quotidian Grace is our VP and Secretary; and Mary Beth (I) am treasurer.

Annual dues are $25 USD, but those enrolled as full-time seminary students are eligible for a $10 USD student rate. We ask that those of you not in the USA obtain an international money order in US dollars for the dues. If an international money order is not feasible, please notify us via the email below.

IMPORTANT! As always, all who meet the guidelines are welcome to join, be, and remain members of the RevGals webring. There is no cost attached to membership in the WebRing. Membership in the corporation will allow you to vote in elections of permanent officers and participate in decisions regarding the group, but NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO JOIN!

To receive a membership application: please send an email to and put "request application" in the subject line. Please, also, sign your name or blog-name to the message - we want to be sure we are not sending this info out to spammers!

EDIT: We suggest that you fill out the application on your computer and return it to this email address...moving toward the paperless future! Of course you will still have to send me a paper check or money order. For those to whom I've already sent the .pdf app form, I'll resend it as a word doc...'cause I don't have the smarts (yet) to make a fillable .pdf! - mb

Questions? Please let us know in the comments!


Mary Beth, Songbird, & Quotidian Grace


  1. Wonderful job all of you I'm all for signing up!

  2. I definitely want t sign up, but do you think it would be at all feasible to set up a paypal account that people can pay through? Just a suggestion. I'll be paying either way, even if I wasn't eligible for the student discount. ;)

  3. Kate, that was originally my plan. However, Paypal charges fees per transaction (similar to merchant charges for credit card companies), so we decided not to go that way at this point. Thanks for the idea!

    Yay for your student discount! How many days is it, now? :)

  4. Marybeth,
    I'm in. But shoo,(Holding finger to lips). Don't tell my husband I spent some money.

  5. So, do you have to join to participate? And what will the money be used for?

  6. never mind. I didn't read carefully enough. I see the answer to question one was there all along.

  7. ppb keep writing your wonderful stuff and join anyway. You have such wonderful ideas.

  8. Yah, sure, you betcha! Count me in. Or since we are incorporated in the lone star state of Texas, perhaps I should say, Yeeee HAW!

  9. Thanks to you all for making this possible.

    However, international money orders are frightfully expensive :( especially as it's an annual thing.

    better to have paypal (wouldn't it be possible?)

    I'll sort my registration when I get back from seminary in two weeks. Impossible to do anything here! - we have class from 9-5 everyday for two weeks - and 9-4 on Saturday with Sunday off to preach and collapse. I need a holiday!!!

    blessings and love :)

  10. Lorna, I'll be in touch with you directly about Paypal. Look for my message in your email in box WHEN you get back from Seminary - there is no rush!
    Blessings on you my dear friend.

  11. Mary Beth,

    It's 23 days as of today until I leave work and I move three short days later. I didn't realize that Paypal charged like that. I suppose they have to make money some way. I'll send my check shortly.


  12. Wonderful, fabulous, awesome, fantastic and any other word that describes how amazing a thing this is.

    I'm in I just have to figure out the exchange rates blah blah blah but I'm so excited to be a part of this.




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