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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Prayer

God of Life, you breathed into us our very existence. You created us in our mother's womb and have stayed near in all of the ordinary and extraordinary moments we have experienced.

You invite us to grow and mature in our relationship with you, and in faith we seek to do this. But sometimes it is easier to stay where we are comfortable and where we are not challenged to explore new ideas about how you are present in our world. Forgive us, God, when we prefer an easy faith to a deeper one. Guide us on this path we have chosen.

This morning in our little church we will celebrate baptism and holy communion. In both we are deeply blessed. In baptism, you invite all of us into the promises made to a small baby, her parents, and the family of God who welcomes them. You are surely present in such a moment, and we thank you.

In our communion, we meet Christ and Christ meets us, and in bread and cup we discover again that Jesus is the bread of life - all we need to sustain our life in the spirit. Thanks and praise be to you this day, Most Wondrous God! Amen.

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  1. Amen and amen.
    Lord may we see you presence everwhere and celebrate you.

  2. Prayers of thanks for RevGals.
    Prayers of thanks for those who reach beyond themselves to help others, for their gentle and caring spirits.
    Prayers of thanks for those who listen with God's own Spirit so that they can be God's instruments.
    Prayers of thanks for God-given communities that not only correct and reprimand, but who can hold each other accountable in Love and Unity.
    Prayers of thanks for a God who teaches us the many, but one, meanings of true Unity and that Unity is found only in God's own self.

    Prayers for healing for those who need to be healed, in body, in spirit and in truth.
    Prayers for the suffering and the sick, for those whose pain is so very great that despair is around the corner.
    Prayers that God will pour God's own spirit on God's people, That spirit of healing and Grace.


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