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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Reverendmother here (again), filling in for Sue as her church's General Council begins and the wonderful worship services she's been planning these many months become a reality.

A reminder: Be sure to nominate yourself or others for the Wednesday Festival. This week's topic: Life and All That: Family, Friends and Me, too! Check the sidebar under "Send us e-mail." Nominations are due Monday night. (And don't forget our ongoing features: Mission Moments and Ask the Matriarch. Let's hear from you!)

And now, a simple prayer of praise for today--gently used from the reverendmother archives...

You are…
Holy One, Rock and Redeemer,
Rabbi, Teacher, Son of God…
Word-made-flesh, God-with-us,
Messiah, Anointed, Lamb of God.

You are…
Beyond all names, surpassing all wisdom,
A joyful new song, a cry in the night…
Greater than knowledge, finer than riches,
Our clarity of hearing, our clearness of sight.

You are…
Desire of our hearts, center of our worship,
Strength for the journey, our emptiness filled…
An answer to our questions, a question for our answers,
God in three persons, mystery revealed.



  1. Wow what a way to get us to center on God. Thanks and early too.

  2. These prayers always bless me, but THIS one...I hope it is okay if I use it tomorrow!

  3. that's a beautiful prayer, thanks.

  4. echoing the other voices- what a beautiful prayer- Amen and amen


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