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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday Festival - Always Potluck!

I've been a pastor for twenty years and one of my favorite memories is the time when the church women made "Potluck Soup." Started off with beef broth and everyone who came to the dinner brought something with them to add to the pot. It looked strange, but tasted wonderful! It was made with love!

Today's Festival reminds me of that Potluck Soup: A variety of ingredients, looking strange, but all stirred together with love - ours and God's love. On to the Nominations:

Stained Glass Ceiling: St. John's Rev Abi adds a touch of tartness as she recommends reading The Vicar of Hogsmede, Longing for Home, Reverend Mommy and herself as folks with links to the "Stained Glass Ceiling."

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs: Blame it on St. Casserole, she got the whole Steve Colbert "On Notice" signage started. But then Psaltery got her "On Notice" Sign up; Jeff at Philosophy over Coffee also has put us on Notice. Sarcastic Lutheran has a "On Notice" sign too.

Kittenish Kuteness: The Psalmist at The Psaltery made a mistake and allowed her two cats; Rosie & Jenny, Singers Extraordinaire , blog what a pair! and I thought Fish and Whistle were the blogginest cats! Inner Dorothy needs some advise as to what to do about her cat and her carpet, before the cat becomes carpet. PPB at Ice Floe has a new kitten, and has several posts about his cuteness and antics (We have a black & white poly ourselves!) . The Guest Bloggers over at St. Casserole have a birthday with pictures to prove it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHISTLE & FISH!!! Cat cookies for everyone!

Fashion,Style & Entertaining: Please don't forget to go see the Before and After pictures at Blanket in the Grove. It is quite the contrast! Our own Musings Out of the Fog (seminary fog that is,) has gone to work for Ann Taylor. Hey maybe we are going to have our own "beauty tips or dressing tips for ministers" person. Becky at Monday Morning Letters gives all the necessary directions including recipes and a prayer for a slumber party.

Advice, Please: The Mild Mannered Blogger is trying to figure out how to reach out to the parents that just drop their kids off at church and leave. Got any ideas? Musings of MicahGirl ask the overall question "how does one discern their call?"Faith Musings says,"I am interested to hear what others have to share about explaining evil to a four year old."

Life Happens: LutheranChik can always be counted on to add some spice: "Cheesy TV led to my thinking about an old (un-super) hero of mine last week, at my place ... and I also inventoried what I did and didn't do this summer." Metacentricities is creating a new life for herself, which means some major changes and gives her testimony. In My Lifetime has a very nice post on praying and what her daily prayer is. His Unfinished Work blogs about the dryness of land from lack of rain and compares that to the dryness she feels inside herself.Revem is back. She is thankful for the "prayers and prods" over the last few months and delivers on some promised pictures. And remember - they're coming into spring "down under" as we fade into fall. G'day, Em!

Pink Shoes wants to be funny, honey, and unwhiney .Now we know that are a lot of different moods we can have, and different state of minds, but Swandive writes about an unusual state of mind she calls the Peanut Butter State of mind. Poor Mad Peter tells us we all need affirmation so go and affirm him as well.Anything Songbird writes is worth the read, but this one deserves a read as she blogs about the loss of her voice! Kirstin at Barefoot and Laughing talks about some healing she has been going through that many of us can relate to. In the Open Space speaks about her struggles and coming to Jesus. You don't want to miss this!

Domestic Engineering: Net at Grace Happens (that's me!) needs a domestic goddess er engineer. Or a pastor's spouse who does housework. Don't we all? I'm jealous of Songbird's cleaning lady!Natty at Where to Now, God is in a cleaning frenzy due to PMS, and she likes it? Check out her new pair of Crocs!

Technology or Oops: Have you ever gone through changing your mailing address, and nothing you do works? Well Beth at Wide-Eyed and Laughing shows us how. You have to include this other post by Starving Artist as it is every preachers' worst nightmare!!!!!She also wrote this about dead/notdead about the church.Check out Maggie Dawn's God's i Pod posts.

Bits & Pieces: The Quixotic Pastor writes about the regional moo sounds and Pluto. I don't know what's up, but Sister Christer has a thing going with three nuns and a cow, very funny pictures.There have been spookey cultish things going on involving "Austin Power" as sighted by Bits and Odd Pieces of Mindy's Kingdom; just a little laughter!

Life in Crystal Cathedrals: Amy at Talk to the Preacher describes a stituation in her church that she calls "liturgical bribery." Faith Musing stepped away from her Sabbath blogging to write about her anger over an injustice where she lives. The Sojourner's journey blogs about our primary task is to hear the Gospel. Stacey at Almond Branch blogs about an issue we all seem to deal with whether in the church, or work or club - its about Leadership.Katherine at Any Day a Beautiful Change has a good sermon here.

Congratulations are in Order: You will want to go over to congratulate Smallest Angel on the birth of her son Jonah! (I'm very partial to that name!) Ordinary Time has a post on Summer Winding down with the end of CPE and 12 days away from her wedding.

Lots of nominations this week makes for an interesting combination! Enjoy and toss me a crusty roll, will ya? Oh, and pass the butter, please. Who's saying grace?

Be blessed, y'all!!!!!!


  1. Net,

    m-m-m good. That is great Potluck soup. I'll have a roll and butter too. You did some mighty fine cooking!

  2. Good job. However, Stacey's name links to Sojourner's blog.

  3. Thank you, thank you. Abi makes me looks real good! She's got this blogging stuff down. Thanks, Ab!

    Thanks James for letting me know. I corrected the entry for Stacey. You should be able to access her blog now!

  4. I nominated this
    but my email bounced back. (quota exceeded apparently)


  5. Here's a short link to Lorna's nomination.
    Lorna, that's strange. It's a huge mailbox that is mostly empty. Let us know if this happens to you again, okay?

  6. I just wanted to say, the Technicolor Festival is very...well, festive! Good job! And now...lots and lots to read...

  7. Great job on this festival. I really enjoyed reading the different blogs I have not read before. Thank you for a job well done!

  8. Great stuff, Net! You rock, and all the nominators ESPECIALLY rock! Y'all are the thing that makes it happen!

    until next week... :)

  9. Net, as someone who has just been added to the Festival round-up list, you have made very big shoes to fill. :-)


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