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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday Festival: It's BlogFun Time!

Nothing in the world makes a revgal (or, in my case, an accidental blogpal) appreciate the matriarchs more than jumping into the roundup fray. They make it look so easy, so lo and behold, I volunteered to help out. Easy, it's not! But fun? Absolutely! And if you have blogfun you want to share--photos, vacation stories, funny bits, word games, memes, amusing anecdotes involving our blood and fur relations, you name it--let us know in the comments.

And off we go-----
Memery Lane:
Popular recent memes have included:

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted:
Ah, the summer of 2006, with its crazy heat wave--lots of people just had to get away. Some have left their intarwebs (internet connections, that is) behind or just got back to them after being away.

But others are wired no matter where they go.

Some are just.. going. PamBG is afk through her move. Mibi is getting settled in after hers. Heck, I'm still unpacking and I've been here four months. But at least I'm getting a vacation soon, myself--one I've been looking for since I was about 6.

This Place Is Going to the Dogs (and Cats, and the Hideously Trenchant Children)
What would life be without our pets, nonhostile garden critters and those-who-call-us-mom-in-reverential-and/or-exasperated tones? Probably quieter. Contemplative Chaplain has a protacted conversation with Moses about his hopes for joining the NHL. Sue's cat provides evidence of why we say "God bless you" when someone sneezes. She knows something's afoot, and she doesn't like it—and she can see it coming before we can, now, apparently. St. Casserole's tabbies are totally pandering for birthday presents. (In case you missed it, check out their little dress-up party not too long ago.)

From the kid side, Songbird's mother-growing pains will resonate with any parent of a teenager (including me). You know how you tell your kids not to talk to strangers? It's harder when the strangers are annoying you, as shared by Journey Mama.

Overheard at Possible Water: the things kids say are priceless, and, at times, out of this world. I just worry when they start levitating. Or when they go, as in Pink Shoes' case, incandescent. Be sure to help Bad Alice with the theological exam she got the other night--from her six-year-old.

Fun With Lawnmowers, Sharpshooters, and PhotoShop
A short story told in three links:
Carmen mowed a labyrinth into her lawn a week or so ago.
But before you let Reverend Mommy come to your labyrinth, beware the cyclops. And its minions.
It's okay, though. Lorna will defend you.

In the meantime, here's something completely different-- and in need of a caption-- at Fresh-Cut Flowers.

That's Good For What Ales Ya
Sally, bless you a thousand times over for offering up the Beer Prayer. I suspect I might be able to talk DFH into a church wedding now with that one.

Word Games Are Really All About Math
Check out Reverend Mother's Fibonacci Poem.

Twerpette gives us the Dialectizer, a handy tool for the next time you get a hankerin' to read the RevGals in SwedishChefese. Bork! Bork! Bork!

Knit 1, Swap 4
Mary Beth shares an opportunity for knitters and swappers to BOTH knit and swap, inviting you to join The Procrastiknitter's Dishcloth Exchange. ("But HURRY!" she notes. "Deadline to join is Thursday, August 10!") She also went to knitting camp with mom and her 9-year-old niece.

Emily of Hazelnut Reflections shares Adventures in Harlotry--Yarn Harlotry, that is.

Speaking of knitting (or, well, not), haven't you played trivia with us yet? CathyKnits has the scoop on how much we rock!

RevGals Gone Wild
Last, but certainly not least--HeyJules shows us her wits.


  1. I'm a late comer to the book meme, but I did it!

  2. Reverend Mother inspired me to do my own "diamond fib. For those curious about what else inspired the poem, I wrote about that here (this latter is several times longer than the poem).

  3. Gallycat, superb job!
    And to those who sent in nominations, thank you! The Festival can't happen without you!!

  4. Besides my blathering about books, I also posted about my nekkid dog...

  5. I think I started the book spread. So I did it, of course. I tagged Jan, but she didn't see it, I don't think. So, Jan, you are tagged!

  6. I was late to it as well but I did the book meme at my place.

    Oh and Happy Underwear Day everybody!

  7. I have not done the meme or any other book meme or letter one.
    At least not yet.
    Galley Cat Great job, love your sense of humor while doing this.

  8. Happy Underwear Day!

    This is a great posting, thanks Galleycat!

  9. Fab job, Gallycat! you rock!

    I did the book meme last night/this morning. Then I just wanted to stay home and read all day. :)

  10. Whoo hoo Gallycat. Thanks for the post. I did the meme, but I am sort of in the same boat as signs-along-the-way, not sure how it all works. All in time I suppose. Happy wednesday all.

  11. Ummm...
    Underwear Day?

    What'd I miss? Does Princess Mindy know about this!?

  12. I'm a little late...wild day, but I played the book meme! and talked about by evening at the[a href="]ballpark!"[/a]

  13. Substitute < > for [ ] and you'll have it!


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