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Monday, September 18, 2006

Giant Monday Meet and Greet

Greetings from the deep south -- this is my first RevGals posting in quite a while. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more frequently since I'm am offically finished with CPE.

We have a lot of new members this week and a dozen or so in the queue to join our group. As of this morning we had 214 active blogs! So let's welcome offically our 12 newest members.

First is PansyLiz Plus who is a Director of Christian Education and Formation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She writes that she is a “Cradle Episcopalian that went to Episcopal Day School, Episcopal High School, and now work as a lay member staff in an Episcopal church. i have 3 cats and they all have a friend. (Well that is the nicest way i can say i have six wonderful cats.)
Welcome PansyLiz!

Search the Sea is written by Gannet Girl, a Midwest “attorney turned educator turning -- with astonishment -- into Presbyterian Inquirer. Writing about college kids, nature, travel, church, spirituality, books, whatever -- and taking lots of pictures!” And beautiful pictures they are. As one who posts lots of pictures on my blog, I really enjoy seeing other people’s photography.
Welcome Gannet Girl!

Prisca and Aquila is a blog for Prisca who is “processing life as a clergy spouse as honestly as possible.” She writes, "In 2000 I married a wonderful man who happened to be a United Methodist Pastor and embarked on a new life with him and with the church. I'm a cradle UM but marrying into the life of a clergy spouse has been daunting. I thought I knew what to expect and yet the role and our life together continues to surprise and challenge me. There are wonderful and horrible days and yet we persevere."
Visit her and leave a comment -- Her last posting poses a boundary question for us to ponder….

Life and Love and Why is a blog by Megan Methodist who is a youth director in Maryland. She writes, "I work in youth ministry and like to spend time outside. I am currently obsessed with Camp... ok I've always been a little obsessed with Camp." Here is an interesting fact: Amy of Faith Musing is her senior pastor. Just imagine -- a church staff family who blogs together!

Peace Pastor is "thoughts (and feelings) on ministry, life, politics and occasionally a little something weird. The semi-official weblog of Abiding Peace Lutheran Church, North Kansas City, and the official site of its pastor, Donna Simon." Donna seems to be a Lutheran convert; she said she’s a baby Methodist. (The UMC in me muses that you win some, you lose some....) Welcome Peace Pastor!

Even you: Thoughts along the road of faith is written by Elane O'Rourke, a UCC pastor form Campbell, California. "I'm hoping that blogging will force me to get thoughts out of my head before they get lost in all the flotsam there.__I'm also hoping that doing this will open conversations that I'd never have otherwise, with people I'd never talk to otherwise. (And probably at a time of day that I never see anyone except the newspaper guy and stockbrokers hitting the gym before the market opens.)__I love being a pastor. I love talking with people about stuff that actually matters -- and a lot of stuff actually matters.__Like the play I'm about to go see, starring one of my 10-year-olds. What better thing could I do with my free evening than show her she's loved? Even her. Even you."
Welcome Elane!

seekingauthenticvoice is a blog by mompriest from the Chicago area, Illinois. "Almost 50, and I have no desire to be any younger...married 21 years with two teenagers. I am an Episcopal priest ministering with a small parish. I get energized when we (parish, communities, individuals) can take risks, be creative, work with others, strive to make a difference in the world, care for ourselves and others. I love to get massages, manicures and pedicures, wear jeans and teva's, spend time in the country to restore my soul, have dinner in the city to embrace humanity and culture. There are few places in this world like Chicago! I am seeking my authentic voice in the pulpit and in life; both the ability to tap into, listen, and preach is the best kind of work, one that I suspect lasts a life time."
Welcome mompriest!

Walking Wet because "Baptism complicates your life." Blogging from Somewhere in the Middle of the US, CoG is "one woman trying to combine vocations as wife, mother, ordained minister, daughter, sister, friend. I am an M.Div. graduate of a seminary of the ELCA, but I have been waiting a couple years for a call b/c as the mother of two beautiful children who are still under five, I would like a call that is part time, and I would like my husband to not have to move/change jobs. So, in the mean time I serve in a very limited capacity at the congregation where we worship, and I get to enjoy my children's growing up."
Welcome CoG!

onehandclapping is the blog of Julie Clawson who is a self described Homemaker/ Church Planter in Yorkville, Illinois. "I'm 28, married to Mike and have a baby named Emma. I'm learning how to be a mom now. We are starting a new emergingish church in the Yorkville area. I am an introverted intellectual, cynical but hopeful, and a seeker. Too often I find myself wanting to express ideas but have no outlet to do so. I hope this will be such an outlet --- if I can manage to actually find the time to post! What will I post about? Books, faith, the Emerging church, family, random stuff - basically whatever I want."

to the nines by pastornines who describes herself as: "a pastor of a medium-sized, fast growing PCUSA congregation that describes itself as suburban/urban, or urban/suburban depending on the day and the direction of the wind. The church is a multi-staff organization, more multi than staff. I'm dad-gummed blessed and know it every day. I'm married to the world's nicest guy, have two children who are our joy, one dog who's a goofball and live in a manse which is another long and terribly boring story."
Welcome pasternines and it's really not like writing into a black hole -- it just feels that ways sometimes.

Also, you might want to check out two different group blogs:
First is Every Voice a Sacred Voice. This blog is a “gathering of women exploring the biblical narrative, listening to the various voices and looking for a place to see one's own story emerge. The women of Generations Quest invite you to join our conversations that take a woman’s view of the personal stories of the women of the Biblical narrative. Some of them are voiceless, some are nameless, and some are both...yet these women play an important and fascinating role in the history of God’s journey with His people.
Come, take a risk of faith, accept Lady Wisdom’s invitation, be His guest and join Jesus in conversation with us.

Second is: Emerging Women "This blog is a space for women involved in the emerging church conversation to use their voice. This is a space to voice your thoughts, express your opinions, and practice your theology. This is a safe community where we can complain, deconstruct, brainstorm, network, dream, and encourage. Let your voice be heard." This is a 42 member blog, with some very some familiar names. You might want to surf over and check out the gathering they are having on October 1 to 3, 2006 in Virginia Beach.

That's all for today -- please surf on over and welcome our new members.


  1. Wow! What a great list of Meet and Greet!

    I have tried to make comments on some of these blogs, but Blogger is not letting me. Anyway, welcome you folks!

  2. How lovely to be lifted up as new member - thanks bunches

  3. Thanks, RevMom. I've tried to comment at some too and was denied, so WELCOME from another newbie. There're good folks round these parts!!

  4. Thanks, all, for the welcome and visits!

  5. Awesome list of people, and such a variety. Will look forward to checking out their blogs.

    And look forward to reverend mommy posting more. So glad CPE is over for you. We have missed you.

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome to the blogging network. I too have tried to leave comments and am having difficulty. I guess it is all a learning curve...

  7. wow, my first comment. It worked using the advice of Songbird, to enter as "other' and add the info requested.

  8. How am I supposed to get any work done when this webring keeps getting larger and larger, with more and more tempting blogs that lure me away from what I am supposed to me doing?

    Welcome to all the newcomers. Blogger comments some times act weird -- you do get used to it after a while.

  9. Welcome all! I'm really liking this blog ring and know you will too!

  10. I've missed you all as well. I'm glad to be back.

  11. As the conversation host of Every Voice a Sacred Voice, the women of Generations Quest are glad to be a part of this open invitation to the table!

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