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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pray forgive your sister in faith

Sorry folks. I've been at our Fall meeting of Presbytery all weekend and entirely offline. Therefore, the Sunday Prayer was not posted. I should have asked my alternate reverendmother to take care of it in my absence, but I forgot all about it.

My apologies.


  1. Hey, it's still Sunday!

    Pray at's not too late.

  2. Sue, do what you can when you can.
    What you give here is a gift, not another task.

  3. No worries! Take your time and recover fromm all the meetings, and we'll look forward to hearing from you again next week.

  4. I agree with all the above.

    Iknew you were praying, I just thought it was a day of silence and rest which is what I did between services.

  5. No guilt needed here! Love and prayers are on their way to bless you.

    Meetings can do a memory in. I have a one verse sending home hymn called: "Benediction for Travelers Home". I did it after one of our Presbytery meetings. The Tune is in Voices United.

    Check into spiritual motion for further information.

  6. I'm with our sisters here ... what you do for revgals and pals is a blessing not an obligation. Rest and be blessed!

  7. More on the mea culpa front...from me...regarding the Wednesday Festival.

    Several of you graciously agreed to help out with these duties, and I apologize that the emails you sent got zapped out of the box before I got back to you! :(

    So. If you offered to help with the Wednesday Festival (summarizing nominations once every two months or so) -- Or if you didn't offer but you would like to help! --

    Please email me at I promise to get the schedule out to everyone tout suite, and to send a reminder to the person responsible on the Sunday/Monday prior.

    Mary Beth :)


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