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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Festival

Have you had a busy week? Slightly overwhelmed by the number of blogs in the ring? Well, your fellow ring members have sent in a list of posts they think are must-reads.


Kate had a powerful experience going to worship at seminary.

Rebel Without a Pew ponders the Day Off. And Jeff shares his experience being treated as a pastor at social events.

Church Lady ministers, and writes, beautifully.

Mompriest is one of our newer ring members, and I think you will appreciate her reflection on chin stubble. :-)

In other amusing posts:
Quotidian Grace keeps us posted on an, ahem, entertaining confluence of politics and religion. ppb wonders what's up with men? Sue has a conversation in her refrigerator. And jo(e) is learning from her son about super powers.

April at Salt for the Spirit has a fan who nominated three of her posts, on motherhood, arrogance and the dreaded word literal.

BK Hipsher writes about call. And so does chartreuse ova. And Linda (FM) shares her clerical identity crisis. Gord, meanwhile, wonders about leadership. And Sarcastic Lutheran considers that being in leadership can make as_es of us, referring us to Martin Luther for a reality check.

At Calacirian, read some hard words about hope. And A. Lin goes deep about conversion.

You've heard of Friends of Bill; now read Melissa on Hanging Out With Will.

And in one last nomination related to 9/11, did you read RevAbi's reflections on Gandhi?

On a lighter note, go see these cute pictures of Gord's family.

Apparently we aren't keeping Gallycat busy enough, because she is working on two *new* blogs in addition to the ones that were already on her list. Go to Gallycat's Lounge to read all about them.

Maybe she should talk to Lutheran Chik, who advises us on things we can do if we step away--gasp!!--from the computer! (Recipes included, so don't miss it!)

This feature depends on your nominations. If you read something inspiring, thought-provoking or amusing, please send an e-mail to Wednesday Festival. And feel free to leave a comment here to point us to something great today!


  1. Thanks Songbird for stepping up and in. Good post with a good variety.

    And thanks for mentioning my post on Gandhi.

  2. Thanks Songbird for stepping up and in. Good post with a good variety.

    And thanks for mentioning my post on Gandhi.

  3. I'll have a couple more recipes tonight, as well as a note from my dog (who, for all of you who have expressed your concern, is doing much better -- not quite up to par, but regaining his appetite and endearingly narly personality).

  4. I took a small blog-sabbatical but I'm back and talking bout the laundromat! Also I met a revgal at Chapel this morning! Hooray!

  5. I'm also back from a brief hiatus. Just posted the first of a multi-part series on my vacation.

  6. Thanks Songbird for a great roundup. What an amazing group this is.

    Words felt so inadequate yesterday, so I shared a number of images from a great hike I took at Sacred Art of Living

  7. I just got all elected and I officially have my first call! Woohoo! AND: I am desperately looking for a non-Presbyterian pastor to serve on my ordination commission. Anyone near enough to Chicago to pop over on Sunday evening October 29th for a couple hours? You'd be my hero. :-)

  8. Dog and baby lovers should check this out.


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