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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fantabulous Wednesday Fun Festival

Heidi-ho, good neighbors!

Welcome to the Fantabulous Wednesday Festival o' Fun! For your blogging pleasure, may I suggest:

St. Inuksuk is doing a quick poll on signs-along-the-way. She wants to know "about how many clergywomen, especially full-time, have help cleaning house? It will save my sanity and perhaps, even my marriage! I really would like to know." And she thanks you for your help!

From Preachermom: I'd love some organizational feedback. Check out my questions at need tips.

From Winged Man, who says "It's a post about how tradition doesn't seem all that unanimous and yet I think it's insightful anyway."

From Abi: It is a further discussion of the Ask The Matriarch question about theology, but it also includes a personal story that might help also.

The Sacred Art of Living says: "Here's a post I just wrote on a ritual of remembrance that emerged.

From Inner Dorothy: Sue's congregation's voted this past weekend to become an Open and Affirming ministry in the United Church of Canada.

Reverend Mother has a few poems up, most of which provide a little snapshot/insight
into life these days. This one is about the state of her house. This one is about one of her daughter's current obsessions and this one is about the "family rules"!

From Carmen: I wrote about the God-talk I found in a couple of television shows: the similarities between Jesus’ call and the one in ‘Heroes’ as well as some thoughts on love and grace in ‘Jericho’. Also, have y’all seen Dove’s video on beauty?! Or has that already made the rounds in RevGal land?

From Chartreuse Ova: A short little ditty about a trip and a request for prayer.

Girl Gone Great explains: "I'm making a request for advice on ordering Hydrangeas from Costco. The more visitors the better!"

Reverend Mommy offers: I did an exercise, trying to bridge classes with life. And reflected on solitude.

There be poets among us!

eternal echoes,
Love During Wartime,
Another unfinished symphony,
the vicar of hogsmeade, and
reverend mommy

Offered for your blogging pleasure:

Big Dunk shares a conversation she had prior to her salvation that opened her heart to God.

There is no rest for the weary at rev to be mibi's house, especially when the cats are involved.

St. Casserole tells us why it is so important to read the mags that are in beauty parlors.

Musings of Micah Girl is out to find God in the mundane.

Before you take on any home improvement or remodeling you might want to read Terrapin Station.

And Deb posts:

A musing on ministry to a bitter, depressed woman in my life...

Poking fun at myself in one called "Just As I Yam" ...

Some of the fruit from memorizing Colossians 3 ...

And finally... because I think this is something really cool that the Christian community could embrace: A project for Darfur making paperdolls (and you don't have to be a kid to do it!)

The Winged Man discerns his call in regards to his present denomination situation. He asks important questions about his tradition.

Possible Water writes extensively about “Y she blogs” – glad she is a part of RGBP!

And me? I'm celebrating my first bloganniversary!!!!!

Be blessed, y'all!


  1. Great posting Net. Lots of good reading to do.Yea!

  2. Look at all the poets! I'm feeling inspired!

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary!
    Here's a cookie for your rabbit's head. See my blog ann. for more info!

    Great job on keeping up with all of us. Thanks!

  4. On Tuesday I posted some thoughts about marriage and the church's role.

    Oh and a bit farther down the page you can find the Muppets!

  5. I am being ordained this weekend! Everyone's invited, details at my house.


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