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Monday, October 02, 2006


Yes, you may now pay your RevGalBlogPal Membership dues by PayPal! First, please return your application form by e-mail, and then click the Pay Now button in the sidebar. Dues are $25 for regular members, $10 for students, and $0 for persons in religious orders with a vow of poverty (so, those folks won't pay anything by PayPal, natch).

Membership will of course remain open, but if you would like to participate in our First Annual Meeting, you must join by Friday, October 13th.

We will receive nominations for the Board until midnight E.S.T., October 22nd. We'll include everyone who is nominated on the proxy ballot this time. We encourage self-nominations! If someone is nominated by others, then we'll have to get their consent to include them on the ballot. Nominations may be sent to RevGalBlogPals.

On October 24, proxy ballots will be emailed to all members. Your returned ballot enables the Directors to vote on your behalf.

On October 27, your current “starter” board will meet electronically and count the ballots.

On October 30, the membership will be informed by email of results of the election, which will also be posted on the blog.

The Board we elect will consist of seven Directors, who will later choose among themselves the four officers required by the by-laws: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The work of the WebRing and the envisioned future efforts of RevGalBlogPals, Inc., are not and cannot be the work of three or seven people. Thanks to all who have been part of the ring from the beginning and those who have joined along the way. Working together, and with the help of God, we can continue to build community in new ways.

Grace and Peace,

Songbird, Quotidian Grace and Mary Beth


  1. I just sent my application and dues to you this morning.

  2. well, I tried to pay by paypal ages ago (in the summer) and there's something wrong with the system - it won't take my card, and when I try to register a new card, that's a huge hassel instead.

    Sorry :(

    MB I'm emailing you ...

  3. The more members we have, the more credible our applications for grant monies will be!

  4. Woohoo! Finally I can check that off my list.

    My name is will smama and I approve this message.

  5. Lorna, we will find a way for you. Bad pay pal. Down. Now sit. Now open up and work for Lorna's card.

    WS too funny.

    I am in, and proud of it.

  6. WS, too funny!

    My word doc thingie won't open so I'm trying another thinking of asking for help. The last computer repair guy was JUST AWFUL.

    Oh, back to topic. I'm so excited about using Paypal to pay my dues to my favorite group!

  7. yipee! I did it! The electronic age is wonderful!

  8. St. Casserole, I'll e-mail it to you.

  9. Just sent mine in! Thanks for adding the $0 for those of us living the whole poverty thing! :)

  10. Shoot, I haven't found my way over to the main page here in a while.
    What did I miss?
    (katiemyrib at sbcglobal dot net)

  11. nevermind, got it! So much to look at my little brain has trouble focusing :)

    Sounds good to me.


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