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Friday, May 11, 2007

Results of Directors' Election

The first board of directors for RevGalBlogPals, Inc. was elected at the meeting held at 10 am this morning. They are:

Mary Beth Butler (Terrapin Station)
Reverend Mommy
Quotidian Grace
St. Casserole

At the meeting there was a drawing to assign the length of the term for each director, as provided for in the By-Laws. Cheesehead, St. Casserole, Songbird and Quotidian Grace will serve a one year term, while Mary Beth Butler, Reverendmother and Reverend Mommy will each serve a two year term so that the terms of the directors will be staggered in the future.

There were 49 members eligible to vote and 47 proxy ballots were received by this morning's 10 am deadline. What a wonderful turnout! Thanks to you all.

If you have not joined RevGalBlogPals, Inc, it's not too late! New members may join at any time. You do not have to join to be a member of the blogring, but you must be a member of the blogring to be eligible to be a member of RGBP Inc. Check out the link on the sidebar for more information.

Edited to Add: Due to reverendmother's resignation for family reasons, we turned to the next highest vote-getter in the original election. RevAbi was asked to fill the unexpired term and graciously agreed.


  1. Congrats to our new directors.

  2. Wow, almost perfect turnout! Maybe you guys should run our national elections!

  3. Congratulations to all! You've done a greta thing in this and I hope to join soon.

  4. Yes, congrats to the new directors. I'm so pleased with the turnout for this first vote!

  5. Congratulations, everyone! What an amazing turnout.

    So, when's our first conference??

  6. zorra, as soon as the IRS responds to our 501(c)3 appplication, I expect the grant applications to be in the mail! We'll get to work on it.

  7. Mary Beth pointed out to me that Reverend Mommy's link was wrong--I fixed it.

  8. If you're wondering where the Preacher Party is, please know that I have been trying to publish it since earlier this morning. Blogger is behaving badly!

  9. But at least comments are working!


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