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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

RGBP INC.--Notice of Meeting emailed to members

This morning I emailed a Notice of Meeting to all of you who joined RevGalBlogPals Inc. as of last Friday, October 13. The purpose of the notice is to inform you that the meeting will be held at 10 am CDT at the corporate office on Friday, October 27. The meeting will be held electronically and we will be emailing proxy statements to each of you who received the notice of meeting that will allow you to vote for the nominees for the Board of Directors after nominations close this Friday, October 20.

Seven directors will be elected at the meeting. As of this morning, there are 10 nominations: Songbird, Mary Beth, Quotidian Grace, Katherine (edited 6/12/07 for anonymity), Cathy Stevens, Cheesehead, Reverendmommy, St. Cassarole, Wills Mama and Revabi. Self-nominations are encouraged. Please email your nominations at the RGBP Inc. link on the sidebar.

The election of the first full board of directors is an exciting step for this new organization. Thanks to each of you who have joined RGBP Inc. We need your continued participation and support. If you haven't joined, but would like to, just email us at the same address. Although you will not be able to vote in this first election, you will receive future emails and information about the activities of RGBP Inc. and will be able to participate fully in them.

If you have any questions, please comment on this post and I will respond.

Quotidian Grace


  1. Okay, so I realize that everyone by now has pretty much figured out what I did with my sign-in name (and in turn what my son's name is) but still officially I am:
    will smama
    not wills mama.

    Just in case it matters for the ballot.

  2. Well, I missed this boat (and how I don't know since there's been plenty of notice), but I thoroughly endorse the slate of candidates mentioned above.
    You ladies have done a wonderful job with the revgals so far, and I only have great hope for the future.

  3. I didn't get a notice of the meeting, and I thought I had my dies in before the 13th.. i could be wrong but I was just wondering...

  4. I didn't get one either... I too thought I got in in time but I'm not totally sure. Anyone know?

  5. Will Smama--thanks for correcting the typo.

    Kristen and Teri--I will ask Mary Beth, the Treasurer, to check on the status of your memberships and we'll get back to you.

  6. Treasurer apologizes to Teri and Kristen, and confirms that they are all sorted out now. :)

    Heidi, I don't remember getting your application and dues payment - please let me know when you sent them and I will research it & get back to you right away!

    you may contact me directly at


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