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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday Festival

Good Morning revgalblogpals, have you had your coffee yet? If not come join in the nines in what she calls “Presbyterian Holy Water” and Talk with the Pastor as she muses about the therapy of coffee or the walk to go get the coffee. I myself am having my second cup as I write this.

Rainbow Pastor waxes in prose about the Fall season.

Faith Musing writes about the blessing of living into the now, the moment that God gives us.

Here are some sermons that were nominated for the festival: Good in Parts shares her sermon that she wrote on dedication Sunday "Story of a Church". Ministrare offers his sermon called "Forward with a Broken Heart". Nachfolge posts his sermon on “Part of the Stumbling Rumble.”

Winged Man, one of our newest members has a post on cleaning the bathroom with a new or ancient slant

This one from reverend mommy is especially for the students among us, for anyone that has a project due, a sermon to write, or required reading.

Conjectural Navel Gazing talks about salvation in three part harmony to a bunch of his fellow liberal nutjobs. It makes for interesting community. 1. the lead tenor the sermon 2. the barritone a quotation and 3. the bass a musing.

Shield the Joyous has a good post about women being ordained in the church.

And I invite you to read my post on A fundraiser, with a lesson to be learned.

See Through Faith has two posts for us to read: First she is having fun with her new cell group of internationals, and good things are happening with them. 2nd. Her post titled marinating in the word goes from dog vomit to needing inspiration from God.

What does one say or do about a serious tragedy in our country?
Preacher, Blogger or Procrastinator offers a prayer and thoughts. The Quixotic Pastor offers her thought on the shooting in Amish country. My backyard writes about the shooting, but also the Amish spirituality and community. Set Free picks up on how God is being blamed for the shooting. Praying on the Prairie blogs about the shootings taking the angle of the stigma of mental illness with a personal revelation. Cathy Knits writes about her sadness over the shootings. Don’t Eat Alone blogs about the missed point about the shootings. He may be on to something. Reverend mother asks the question what is with the world today in her post titled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The exclamation points alone say it all.
And as for the other tragedy/travesty going on in our country; one of our newest bloggers, Sexuality and Religion : What’s the Connection?, has three posts on the ex congressman Foley. 1. Foley resigns , 2. More on Foley, and 3. Foley Part Three. And these are not in harmony.
St John's Rev Abi has two posts on Foley gate, and the quickly unfolding story.
Now in closing with something uplifting; the nomination for the picture of the week is preacher, blogger, or procrastinator .
Enjoy your coffee as you read the various nominations for Wednesday Festival.


  1. Thanks Abi. I know that takes a lot of work.

  2. Abi, good job. I like the way you put this together, and I love the cartoons! (she wrote as she sipped her iced coffee...)

  3. Yes, thank you Abi! Great work and fun to browse through. I think my first turn is next week, I have big shoes to fill! :-)

  4. I just posted a THanksgiving challenge/invitation over at my place

  5. Well, I'm ranting about sermons today...grin.

    Over here, although I couldn't get the link to look right...


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