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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Festival

Needless to say, RGBP web ring has been prolific in its postings and there have been recommendations to share with you!

Do the genes/jeans have it?

First off the bat, we have all have genes - as in DNA. Who says word doesn't travel fast? The following RGBP folk have wanted to see their DNA makeup, including revabi, Cheesehead did hers because PPB did hers. Marie did hers and of course I felt compelled to follow suit so I did it too. Which led to the Vicar of Hogsmeade playing. And NotShyChiRev says "this is me". . Grace Happens says that all the cool kids are doing it, including her. Considerate Artist Sally even posted hers on her sidebar! Terrapin Station did it to be cool too, like net . Now, if you like. you can find out your DNA personality profile here.

Speaking of genes jeans, St Casserole has had her mom jeans stolen and is on a mission to find them. Can you help?


Let's move over to the shoe department ...

Katherine shares her own beauty tips with pictures of her shoes to boot (no pun intended and no boots either) She shares her good taste in shoes even before beauty tips for ministers.

And in the generosity department....

Shannon made her Mom so proud and rightly so. Read Faith Musing's post about God's generosity in her daughter. What a shining example to us all that we may all be so generous. Shannon, my guess is that this is one of many acts of kindness and generosity you will show in your life!

In the fine arts department....
Karen's post of the poem "Ordinary Time" is extraordinary, right down to the photo that accompanies it. Stop by and check out this awesome poem by Karen.

Lorna wants to know if you see the message in this work of art. She believes God gave her a prohetic message/insight though it. Do you see it? She wants to know! She's dying to spill the beans. And if that isn't enough, she also had a GREAT surprise of visitors on Sunday! Her cup runneth over in joy!
Mary Beth is just dying to tell you this..

MaryBeth writes about funerals - a lot to think about as she talks about a funeral she does NOT want and the type she is going to have! Makes you think!

Chronologically speaking...

Sally might make you think with this one in meeting God in the most unlikely of places at the most unilkely of time. Speaking of time, Cheesehead lost 42 mins and is looking to where they may have gone? Might you help her? Don't forget to read the comments..

Secret longings....
BadAlice has been reading "leisureporn" and has secret longings - Bad Alice, I have never owned egg cups, but I remember my grandmother having them.

Let's practice.....
Groaning and Grace has begun the practice of naming - she has quite the challenge .
From the homiletics department...
Imagine someone posting a sermon in this ring.. and yessiree, step right up (or is that yes ma'amree)
Do you ever get a hankering to read/hear another sermon, but are always the one in the pulpit? Well her's your chance to read some ones that were receommended, not by the writer, but by their readers. Enjoy.
Chilly Fingers shares about gifts and God.
Dr. Tony shares his sermon on choosing the right church to find God.
The tentmaker preaches about following Jesus is hard.
Anglobaptist of Conjectural navelgazing preaches on God not wanting our money - find out what he DOES want in his sermon.
Nachfolge sermon is title "The One Thing" - find out more about it here.

And to top it off - see what it's like in the home of a preacher on Sunday morning. This post captures it so well.


Check out the culinary department of RGBP ......................

Who says we don't need a cookbook with this group of culinary artists? Sacred Feastingis what category the Sacred art of Living gives to her Cranberry Chicken
After feasting on that recipe, go to Reverend Mommy, as she got on a roll with her Comfort Cheese, then Comfort Spanakopita and topping it off Comfort Baklava with PEE-cans. See a Greek trend here?

Yummy yummy yummy for our tummy, Effervescence gives not only a cookie recipe but a poem to boot.
Purpletologically speaking....
Surely everyone has seen Set Free, better known as Songbird - but did you know she really is NOT purple??? Go find out for yourself! Oh my gosh, she really isn't purple!

Herpetologically speaking....
Amy Maxwell at Gentle Whisper is wrestling snakes and worms.

On Friday the 13th there was a snowstorm in New York - I read this story from a perspective of a person who has never experienced snow. I am still amazed of how one must be prepared for snow during driving. This story kept me spellbound as I was trying to wear In my Lifetime's shoes/boots during this story. Read about it here.

And there's more...!
Preacher mom gets to have a first in the midst of an older congregation.

Rev em has a great post about the effects of apathy in the church.

And in the Ripley's Believe it or not department, April at Salt for the Spirit is tested for clairvoyance, while Tangled Up in Blue joined a church Sunday, and has some angst thought . Any advice?
And in the movie department...
In the Open Space: God and Culture, here are a couple of movie reviews: One Night with the King and some rather long rambling thoughts about God-talk in the new Battlestar Galactica season. Check it out!

Some folks are so organized department....
It's October and some of the RGBP folks are preparing for the holiday season - Frodo wrote to tell about it!

On a more serious note....
Rev Abi reminds us of a very special awareness month on domestic violence.

On a lighter and more distant note, but not without its weight and impact...
Well, the last "used to be" planet is no longer. See what trouble it is to remove Pluto into nonplanet status? Check out what hipastorzwife2B has to say- and what will the mnemonical sentence be for the planets be without the "P"?

Well that's the news to you from Lake RGBP - believe it or not, all of these were from the news YOU BROUGHT to the email box . Do you have news to share or did you read a posting on the ring that you think needs recognition? We want to hear from you. Are you the "view from the pew" or the "culprit from the pulpit"? (Hmmm tshirts in the making!)

Did you know one way of getting to know each other is sharing your thoughts and comments on other members blogs? Lifelong friendships have been known to happen this way. Not only that, more than likely that person will want to know more about you... and that is what makes this web ring so special! When you drop by and read, say hello!

Did we miss you? Or did you happen to find something you want to share in the comments box - share with the rest of the group about your findings or simply email us at Wednesday Festival! Remember to share what YOU have!

That's all folks!


  1. It was a good week of posting! Them's some pretty good posts up there.

  2. Oh my "that's all from Lake RGBP," LOL. You have a great sense of humor and used it for posting. Thanks Cathy for the great post and invite to each other's blogs.

  3. This is just terrific! Hooray for the valiant Cathy, braving the evil Blogger...and for ALL of these nominations!

    Wow, wow, wow! You guys rock.

  4. Good stuff. And thanks for the add of my sermon. I appreciate it.

    BTW, I took the DNA test...Benevolent Creator

  5. Yes, I did the test last week as well... and am a "Benevolent Director".

    Who has NO benevolent deadlines with her papers...

  6. i'm a proud mamma this week. my 11 year old preached her first sermon last sunday and was kind enough to let me post it on my come and take a look!

    she was grrrreat!

  7. What a great Festival today!

    If I had known there would be so many positive comments, emails, phone calls and hand written cards in response to Sunday's sermon I would have nominated it for today's festival! But I did put it on jubilee

    With thanks to Cheesehead for an alternative look at Mark's rich man. :-)

  8. Wow!! Great festival this week. You folks are amazing!!

    I forgot to send in my link, but would appreciate prayers for an important vote taking place in our congregation this week. thanks!

  9. DNA: I'm a faithful inventor. :)

  10. I took the DNA thing too...dynamic analyst, but gave up trying to link it.

  11. I took the DNA thing too, but like hipastorswife2b, I gave up posting it after about 15 tires. Argh. I am a Creative Advocate--whatever that is.

  12. singingowl, I can see you being that, you are an advocate, and you are creative.

    By the way folks did you know that
    Cathy posted this while sick yesterday. Go give her some well wishes. Cathy Knits and More

  13. So far what I've read is excellent. I wanted to post a sermon on Esther, but I didn't get it emailed in time. So here it is: God Uses Harem Girls.


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