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Saturday, November 11, 2006

11th Hour Preacher Party

It's that time of year for many preachers, the dreaded season when we turn to the gospel looking for a message to encourage giving and find the widow's mite. The Stewardship committee is looking for a pep rally, but we have a text that reads one way superficially and quite another when you dig deeper.

I'm reading about the widow today, and more about Ruth, too, because I remain unsettled about the message needed tomorrow. (When in doubt, be a bluestocking.)

Where do you find yourselves, fellow preachers?

Fortunately, it's a quiet day here. The coffee is on, and tea is a possibility, too. When I take the dogs out, I'll pick up some donuts from our great local place; just wait 'til you taste the molasses glazed!


  1. Although I am clear on my message theme and content, I will need to produce a final manuscript before the football game starts at 3:30...My topic will be remembrance day/veterans day and the hope for PEACE. I will probably be quoting the new bishop Jefferts Schori's investiture homily.
    Oh and I have some great pumpkin ice cream to compliment the molasses donuts...

  2. I'm preaching the widow's offering this week, but tying it into the theme of the series I've been preaching since the beginning of October. The title this week is "Equipping the Saints for Subversion." In this case, the subversion comes from trusting God instead of a bank balance or a credit card. In the midst of a consumer-driven society, how much more radical can you get?
    I've got apple crisp made from local apples ready to pop in the microwave. There's also low-fat vanilla ice cream, if it's legal to eat ice cream for breakfast.

  3. I too am using the "widow's mite" gospel but also Elijah and the widow of Zarephath. It seems they have much in common. This time of year, especially, we hold them up as models of giving, but what if they only gave because they were hopeless. "If I give this up now, I'll just die a few days sooner." They didn't have anything to hope for...but that's the good news, because we (and they) have hope IN someone, hope IN God, which is bigger than hope for something.

    Now if I could just get that into manuscript form before noon when I have to leave for a wedding that immediately precedes our evening service in which I have to preach this.

  4. Silent, that sounds very effective. Since we spent the last two weeks of Bible Study really digging into Ruth, however, it feels like a change-up to go over to 1 Kings! Oy.

  5. Lauren, I believe you are onto something. One of the concerns I have about American Christianity is the seeming certainty that we are meant to control society, much as the Temple did in the first century. Aren't we called to be subversive and counter-cultural? (Um, yes.)
    As far as ice cream for breakfast goes, desperate times call for desperate measures!

  6. Wow! Silent--I think that was just the nudge I needed to solidify where I'm going with Mark/1Kings.

    Preaching for a congregation I don't know tomorrow is one of those mixed blessings: I can say just about whatever I want since I'll likely never see them again, but on the other hand, I don't know where all the bodies are buried so the possibility of putting my foot in my mouth still exists.

    I'll pass on the donuts, though. I just had my all whole grain hot cereal and my handful fo vitamins and supplements. I'm making a concerted effort to cut junk food out for a few weks.

  7. Dropping in for a quick hello and then I'm back out again to join our church clean-up crew. The two elders who suggested and organized this thing have both had unavoidabale, last-minute stuff to come up to keep them away. Hope someone else shows up to join me!

    I'll be mulling ways to solidify and finalize my sermon thoughts as I chase down that dirt and dust! (Either that, or bemoan the fact that my own house is much more in need of my housecleaning efforts than the church is!)

  8. I have some nanaumo bars from last night's dinner party to contribute--sinfully ricj and chocolately. But great with coffee!

    I'm using the widow today too, and am swinging into the stewardship thing.

    I'm trying not to mention cash, finances, wallets, etc., however; brcause I beleive that when people get involved with their hearts, the wallets will follow. Our call is to bring people to God, not wallets.

    So, I looking at Jesus as saying not, "how wonderful that the widow is sacrificing all she has for the Temple," but rather "Why in the world is this wealthy place not taking better care of her? They have so much and she has so little."

    Last week my deacon preached on the Great Commandment; I'll remind them of that--how can we love God if our neighnour, whom we are also to love, is brought to such poverty and hunger?

    I may be out on a limb here. but I'd with Dylan (thanks for the link Songbird)--Jesus is saying we should all sacrifice like the widow--he's saying we should look at what we are doing as a church and if we have people who are in the situation of the widow, and if so, what do we need to do to get them out of it?

    Oops, better put that in the sermon outline...and pour some more coffee! I need to get it into decent shape before going over to the church at noon or so to put together the packets for our annual congregational meeting.

  9. Oops, typing too quickly--Jesus is NOT saying we should all sacrifice like the widow...

  10. Oh, yes, and I have new members and Remembrance Day to being in somehow...

  11. Good morning, preaching pals. I'm feeling a little behind this week in my preaching preparation, so I'm not sure where I'm going with the whole thing. I'm using 1 Kings and Mark - the two widows - and the theme that keeps running through my head is abundance. What is it? Where does it come from? How do we use it? We'll see where that goes once I get focused and start writing. I'm trying to stay away from all the sweet treats, but bring on the coffee!

  12. Cheesehead, I salute your good efforts!
    (Although I am still going to eat a donut.)
    Preacher Mom, I love it when I end up being the organizer of work parties. (Not.)
    I think the contrarian approach to the text is definitely the way to go, Rainbow Pastor.
    Much reading, thinking and writing still to do here. The dogs have had their outing and are snoozing on the floor.

  13. Here's another Ruth-related link, from the iUCC website.

  14. Molasses glazed donuts??? Ummm... no thanks. I'll stick to my homemade scones (chocolate chip, ww flour) and pretend that the ww flour compensates for the chocolate!

    I am not preaching, but writing small group curriculum for a series in December on the names of Jesus proclaimed in Isaiah 9... with "Messiah" playing in the background... hmmm... maybe it's time to breakout the eggnog?

    Oh yes - and then it's back to analysis on Mark 6...


  15. Lauren,
    I am in for the ice cream. Who says we can only have it for dizzert. I am doing the Widow's mite thing too. I have a really rought drafty outline, lots to fill in and finish. MMM who had the chocolate, maybe that will wake up my head.

    My house is dirtier than the church too. And I say if they organize it they better be there or make sure they have some replacement players.

  16. I get to be "just" the pastor's wife tomorrow! Yeah! And listen to my husband preach! Yeah! Yeah! And then attend his church's Thanksgiving Dinner! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    I was going with the Mark passage for tomorrow.

    Prayers for all you preachers!

  17. Over an hour has passed since my last comment, and I have been SO productive. Yep. I've made more coffee, changed my guitar strings, enjoyed the sound of the new guitar strings as I learned a song, and written exactly one sentence of sermon. Go me! I hope the rest of you are progressing more fruitfully.

  18. Stacey
    Maybe you can make guitar strings into an object lesson - getting in tune...

    As one of my pastor friends says, You NEVER know when what you are doing as procrastination is acutually your inspiration!

  19. I am going to "Strike the Rock" at a bigger church near by having been invited to do their Consecration Sunday. I am looking forward to the bigger crowd and more importantly the crowd that hasn't heard my really good stories yet.

    Sounds like you all are doing good work. Thank you!

  20. Will smama, You and I are doing the same thing tomorrow--except I'm preaching at an even smaller church than St. Stoic. (The biggies don't know I exist yet)

    And..I'm...DONE! Tada!

    Now to prepare the devotion for the Gymanfa Ganu (ga-MAHN-va GAHN-i) held at St. Stoic tomorrow.

  21. I've got a sermon, but it needs help. I'm including, and in some ways focusing on the preceding verses about the scribes. Do our outward actions match our inward motivations? (scribes, no; widow, hopefully yes or my sermon is in trouble). This passage is what the regional youth council has chosen for their annual conferences this winter, so I spent last weekend talking about it with teenagers at 2:00 in the morning. They had way too many good ideas to use in one sermon, so I'm afraid I'm chasing their rabbits instead of staying on my own trail (did I just murder that metaphor?).

    Good luck to all today. There's a little bit of leftover peanut brittle I made this week. Help yourselves.

  22. I'm preaching on Ruth--basically telling the story. I'm reading part of chapter 1 along with the lectionary reading--in both passages Naomi is fixed on finding "security" for her daughters-in-law--so I'm preaching about security, and where real security lies.

    Also, just thought y'all would want to know that little she-who-is was playing on her "laptop," pointed to a button and said, "You push this button and the sermon comes out."

    Oh, how I wish it were that easy.

    However, it's worth mentioning that it was the POWER button!

    Here's hoping the power of the Holy Spirit is with you all.

  23. I love the idea of a pulpit exchange in stewardship season. Talk about freedom of the pulpit.
    I've decided to stick with the gospel, although I have been reading some fascinating things about Ruth, and focus on values discrepancy. Thank you, mompriest, for recommending John Shea!

  24. I think we should have an 11th hour preacher party rule where you cannot proclaim your sermon done until 11pm your time. It just makes the rest of us either sad, bitter or both.

    ***Looking for my sermon output button*** - will smama

    Alright, fine, I'm happy for you Cheesehead, but it's a good thing you're pretty!

    reverend mother, very cool to have you along!

  25. I want a sermon output button too!

    I am somewhat farther along than I was at last check-in. I've got a little over a page and a half, but it's sort of scattered right now. I'm trying to tie stewardship and the widows in with next week's congregational meeting (including budget review - w00t). Walking the fine line of addressing money while also keeping a broader vision of stewardship as all the ways God's people use God's gifts to benefit God's world.

    Blah. That is how I feel. Blah. Can I go back to my guitar now?

  26. Even though it's not 11:00 p.m. I AM DONE! And ready to root the Ohio State Buckeyes on to victory (hopefully) over Northwestern. Anyone join me in a round of "Drive, drive on down the field"?

  27. Checking in to start work a bit late; two parishioners took me Christmas shopping at a nearby craft market. Good times, but not so good for writing a sermon.

    I, too, was headed in the stewardship direction when I first looked at this text...but since then our lunch that was going to be about pledges has now transformed into a lunch that will celebrate the work we are doing as a church. (At the suggestion of a higher-up, we are trying to break the connection between stewardship as a spiritual discipline and paying the bills.) So now I need to find a new twist or a new direction, and FAST.

    At text study, a small group of us struggled with the ways some of these texts can be taken. The widow of Zarephath can so easily morph into prosperity gospel--give and God will give you material abundance. The widow in Mark, giving to a corrupt that really good stewardship?

    Anyway, I'm struggling a bit this week. Think it's okay to borrow heavily from Barbara Brown Taylor this time around?

  28. Sermon? I knew there was something else I had to do today. :-)

    The widow's mite here, along with a real life story of a homeless man putting the $20 he'd just been given by a friend of mine into the offering traysaying "I don't need it." It is the week before our pledge consecration, after all . . .

    But I've also been teaching a bible study on James and looking at the powerless, penniless widow next to the rich and powerful men giving large donations to the temple - who is really the more important? Do we ask him to serve on the church board and avoid her at after worship coffee hour?

    Maybe the widow is really the little old lady in all our churches who truly understands stewardship? Giving more than she can afford of her pension, and quietly showing up whenever there's work to be done - and mightn't the rich guys be the folks who "don't have time" to help on clean up days but only ever show up on Sunday wih their checks? Wasn't it just last week that we were reminded we are supposed to give ALL our hearts, souls, minds, bodies, strength, talents - all our everything to God?

    Rough week this week - a young woman with a month old baby couldn't find her husband since Wednesday and learned this morning he's in jail. A member's beloved mother died last night. Two members were dating for years, broke up 2 weeks ago and Friday he announced his engagement to another woaman . . .

    I think I need chocolate - or maybe I just need to listen to Stacey play her guitar.

  29. That is a rough week Maria. They are so blessed to have someone as compassionate as you walking with them through it all. I appreciated your fourth paragraph especially.

    And semfem, I think Barbara Brown Taylor would be honored!

    Congrats QP.

  30. Are we allowed to be done before 11 P.M. Saturday if we have to preach Saturday night?

    Pre-marital counseling, the women's holiday bazaar, and a bit of social time with mom and her friend (who came for the bazaar) behind me I was able to return to the manuscript I drafted on Thursday for another look. Ran it by a helpful colleague; 2nd colleague I've run it by this week. You know you're insecure when... And does anyone else need to read their sermons out loud to someone before preaching them? And now I think I'm going to clean up the manuscript, print... and start getting ready for our service this evening. Though I'd kind of just like to surf the web...

    Mom brought chocolate cake so... we indulged in that just before getting back to the sermon. Hopefully my husband will eat the rest of it.

    Its our commitment Sunday and I'm preaching the Mark text. Focusing on the counter-cultural lesson that Jesus teaches about the value of dependence, asking us to reflect on whether the commitments we're making are reflecting dependence on and trust in God or independence and pride. Closing with a story I shared on my blog earlier this week about the elderly couple that just moved into the nursing home, into our community, a ways away from their home community. And they're already ready to tithe to our congregation.

    pumpkin ice cream... that's tempting.

    blessings on all!

  31. Will, just to make you feel better (?), I'm preaching in 90 minutes and I'm not done.

    Yippy-ki-yay! I'm unplugging the ethernet. See you on the flip side

  32. The second outing for the dogs is behind us now, my itchy eye has been dosed with Visine allergy relief drops, and I am back at the computer. But as hard as I look, I'm just not finding that sermon output button. Rats!
    Maybe I'll put a load of clothes in the washer...

  33. LOL, Songbird and Lauren...I too, am a procrastinator supremo!

    And those people who tell you not to worry, it's all part of your sermon prep, you never know where your inspiration will come from, your mind is working on it even while you eact cake/do laundry/wash the dog/change guitar strings--to them I say, get thee behind me, Satan!

    OK, the packets are almost together for the meeting--just some last minute stuff in the morning.

    I have parts of an outline--i.e., scattered thoughts all over the page, in no particular order and not wanting to get there, either.

    And my mind is still (after six days!) at the time, I'm getting someone else to preach the week before I go AND the week after I return.

    Oh, yes, the sermon....All right, I'm going! Now where is the sermon output button again?

  34. How's the party going? I have gotten my kitchen area cleaned up, a load of laundry done, some more on my sermon written, and now the kids are up from their naps, that means no more writting.

    rev mother, I want that push button in my computer too that spits out sermons. And I think our churches wish there was such a thing as far as their stewardship goes. There are a lot of "widows" in our churches, and I wonder where we would be without them.

  35. I've walked the dog and played more guitar, but my sermon remains mysteriously much as it was an hour and a half ago. I'm definitely riding with a bunch of you on the procrastination train.

    I need two pages of sermon and a children's message. Can I just go to bed now?

  36. EEK, Stacey, a children's message. Glad you said that. I am way out of practice on that. We may not have any children tomorrow, but I should be prepared, right?

  37. Yeah, Esperanza, I'm having that "EEK" about the children's sermon too. We just started doing them in September, and the task of preparing them has still not quite worked its way into my weekly rhythm. I have no idea what I'm going to do for tomorrow. EEK.

  38. Well, three women showed up and one other dropped by "to check on us, even though she couldn't stay"! Let's just say we scaled down the effort to a few minor tasks and called it a day.

    Even though I am feeling a bit under the weather today, I did come home and do a little cleaning here. Just in two rooms, but at least two rooms are more habitable.

    Rosemary spent the day with a friend and the little ones are with grandparents. Can I just say this - THANK GOD FOR SILENCE! (Even if Rosemary was home it would still be quiet. She has complete laryngitis! Here's hoping my "a little under the weather" doesn't turn into that!)

    I preached from the gospel last week and am going back to last week's OT passage for this Sunday. I must say I was inspired by Questing Parson on this one. I'm not sure they will like it, (too many folks in my church aren't fond of those "damn Mexicans") but oh well.

    Reverendmother - what a great kid you have! Could you send her over here to show me where that button is on my computer?!

    Clemson won (Go Tigers!) and now I am watching the Gamecock vs. Florida. Wonder if I can juggle that and finalizing the sermon without accidentally inserting something like "and he was sacked!" into the text?

  39. Stick a fork in me!

    And with 25 minutes to spare.

    I'm off, my gals... let's all be good SMOGs this weekend

    (Stewards of the Mysteries of God)

  40. Glad you reverend mother are done. Hope it goes well.

    At least you guys walked your dogs. My dogs keep pleading, but the weather is not walking weather.

    Getting there slowly but surely.

  41. It's got Mary Poppins, it's got President Bush, it's got Jesus, what else could they possibly want?
    Who's still out there working? And what can I bring you? Pepsi? Hot tea? A dog walker? I live to serve.

  42. Now see, I've always thought the "Feed the Birds" woman in Mary Poppins was a hidden reference to this story. The old woman, the tuppence, the Cathedral--how could you miss the connection?? When Jane and Michael insist on using their tuppence to feed the birds rather than putting it their Father's bank, their whole world unravels. Jesus seems to be daring us to do the same thing: to notice the people no one else notices and risk having our safe world come unraveled.

  43. I need a sermon tape for a church position I may be applying for... ugh, it figures that this is the week the videographer (my mom) can come to my current church to tape my sermon. If this other church is still interested in me after this Mark text -- then it is truly God's will. :)

  44. Thanks-- you gals always make me laugh and smile (and it lasts, unlike the pumpkin pie I baked yesterday and is mostly gone-- does it count as a vegetable?) I don't do windows or stewardship sermons so I'm going with Jesus turning the world upside down (again)) Do any of you know the story of the Crow Indians--they tried to outwit the bad spirits (I don't have the original story, so bear with me), by having a Crzay Dog Day" wearing clothes inside out, having a pots and pans sympony at midnight...and taking risky steps, being willing to be seen as foolish or weak or even strange, for the sake of others...? Sounds like what Jesus is doing yet again in today's gospel, don't know where to take it exactly....but the donuts and the pumpkin ice cream are helping. Shalom Gail

  45. I have gingersnaps.

    My denomination, ABC-USA, is encouraging congragtions to look at the issue of children in poverty. That Psalm 146 and the gospel are about Poverty, I should be able to make a connection. It is about where God is looking...either through Jesus or the implied liturgy of the Psalm.

    It is good stuff.

  46. Congrats go out to the Tigers (of Clemson) and symphathy to the Tigers (of Auburn). i will have a good many in my congrgation to minister to tomorrow. Of course, i can say, " I know how you feel." Gamecocks just lost in a true heartbreaker. The kickers are the coolest players and Lord bless 'em when they miss, it falls short or gets blocked.
    So, I am not preaching, but will be glad to play with the dogs, feed the kitty, or grab you soemthign to drink. I am off to Atlanta Bread Company for some Pumpkin Soup. Sounds gross, I know, but it is perfect on chilly fall nights
    Love teh Mary Poppins stuff. I will save that for the next tiem I preach the text. :)
    Blessings to all as you prepare for tomorrow. God's spirit go with you.

  47. LOL at Stacey...

    I have a sister visiting. I also have a business meeting to discuss proposed bylaws tomorrow, and a baby dedication.

    The sermon is about 1/2 done...whew...but I am pooped. Maybe going to get up early. I'm preaching on the Holy Spirit, beginning a series. Tomorrow is from Isaiah 40, going to talk about how the divine "breath" or "wind" is what enables us to soar. Looking for images to use with our new video projector.

  48. Getting ready to push the magic button that spits out the sermon - not on the computer but on the printer. Phew!

    I have a hard time pulling for the Gamecocks, but can't help but pull for any kicker under pressure. Poor guy. Hate it when that happens, unless it involves a positive outcome for my team!

    Plan to walk the dog proudly tomorrow. In the meantime, I have another dog who is begging for a walk! Need me to pick up anything at the store while we're out?

  49. I put my sermon up on my blog, if you are procrastinating and want to take a gander.

  50. Preaching against Scripture, always fun. Or at least preaching against the common interpretation of the widow's mite anyway. Neither passage (also using 1 Kings) is a good stewardship model IMHO. I am off to review the first few chapters of Volf's Free of Charge since I remember thinking "this is great stewardship stuff" when I read it in August.

    Oh and then there is this point I want to make about how all too often the church pleads poor (when it isn't really) and ends up not spending enough money--but that might tie in to my introduction to Emerging Spirit and WonderCafe.

  51. I'm here to tempt you with sugary goodies again, preachers. A friend came over to dinner, and after spaghetti and salad, we made brownies.
    How goes the writing at roughly 9 p.m. EST?

  52. One service down, two more to go.

    Speaking of the Mysteries of God(tm)--I felt pretty good about this one while writing it, but it just felt "eh" to me--contrast that with last month's *dog*, which someone told me was the "best sermon of 2006."

    You. Me. Not the ones running this show.

  53. Procastinators of the world, unite! I have the same 2 pages done I had hours and hours ago. Haven't been working on it, of course. I've been on the phone and on the couch, but not on the keyboard.

    Brownies? Yumm. They'll go nicely after the pot of homemade beef and bean soup we are going to have for dinner in a little bit. Got some nice bread to wipe the bowls clean with too, if anybody else is on west coast time and looking for dinner.

  54. I've gone through a couple of last minute edits. I have the hard copy printed and plan to put it to rest for the night.

    Man, I could go for some Sweet 16 powder sugar donuts! I saw some at the store earlier today but resisted the temptation. WHY??!! I WANT one now, doggone it I may even deserve one! But not enough to make a trip out in the rain and wind to get it!

    Guess I'll settle for a nice cup of hot chocolate instead. Anyone else want a cup? I think I have marshmallows too!

  55. The writing is SLOW. A good beginning tumbled out of my brain a few hours, but nothing more since then. Been reading and talking on the phone and pondering since then...hmm.

    I think I'm also preaching against the texts being used for stewardship as they are so often, and tying that to our coming effort to disassociate stewardship from simply paying the bills. Wish I could get more excited about it right now, seemed like a great idea on Wednesday...but I had a hard time explaining it to the council president twenty minutes ago.

    The Mary Poppins point that Songbird and purechristianithink brought up is marinating nicely as well. I may work that in later on!

    Cheesehead, I loved your sermon. Feel my tendrils of friendly and collegial envy uncoiling in your direction. :)

  56. I was motivated by the dog walkers, and took my dogs for a walk. They loved it. Then we took the kids to the movie to see "Flushed Away". I think that is what has happened to my sermon, its flushed away, and probably should stay there. It was cute, and they had a good time.

    So I am back at it, and have run into a slow down. Sem Fem I'll be up with you and the rest of the procrastinators. Have no fear.

    I love it, Mary Poppins, and the widow. Too cool.

  57. It's a bit before 11pm, but I am done. Still fiddling with the children's sermon, but that always comes together during Sunday School anyway. Let me tell ya, I could use one of those donuts now, diet or no.

  58. I was looking for my sermon and I found the Mary Poppins DVD.

    I had forgotten that the old bird lady was sitting on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. Of course, if I had remembered all of the words, I might have thought of it. "All around the cathedral the saints and apostles look down as she sells her wares. Although you can't see it you know they are smiling each time someone shows that he cares"

    The commentary on the DVD says (duh), "It isn't actually about feeding birds. It is about giving."

    Now for the trivia: It was the first song written and last scene filmed. The writers and composers rewrote many times to get it "just right." "An act of kindness only takes a tuppence."

    I never connected Mary Poppins and stewardship before. That'll preach!

  59. 12:17 est and I could use a brownie and a new sermon button. Came home from a concert to find I hated what I have and I am now seriously considering showing the host congregation a dvd of Mary Poppins.

    What are they gonna do - fire me?

  60. 12:25, and I'm going to bed. Blessings, all you preachers. Since Will smama's here, I'll leave her to give the official preacher party benediction...

    If any of you find this sermon button, let me know. I'm re-reading mine, and it is looking like one mangy, gimpy dog.

  61. Well I am up with the rest of late nighters and west coasters writing this sermon as I partake in a long time ritual watching SNL.

    Vicar of Hogsmeade you are a jewel getting the whole thing together. You have convinced me to use it. So I'll be feeding the birds in the morning. My kids love that movie. They keep asking when they can have their own Mary Poppins.

  62. Abi, you are quite welcome. We have the 40th anniversay dvd but I hadn't viewed the comments before. Reading them has helped me figure out how to put the bird lady with the stewardship sermon from week 6 of John Ed Mathison's "Treasures of a Transformed life"

    But it's not done yet ...

  63. Vicar - well played. Abi and others - keep on plugging, you're doing great.

    Not sure if I will have time to check in on ya in the morning so if you don't like your sermon please do remember:
    1) Don't panic. The Holy Spirit has your back.

    2) IF ya gotta dog; walk it proud.

  64. Well, I certainly dont have the sermon I thought I was going to preach. But I don't think its a big dog either.

    Songbird, I can't thank you enough for the Mary Poppins idea. You made a BIG difference for this sermon!

    After I set the coffee pot for the morning, I'm finally going to bed tonight.

    O Lord, help me not sleep through my own sermon later today due to short hours of sleep before I put on a Sunday suit.

  65. Thanks WS for the support and encouragement.
    Vicar I am with you. I am ready to go to bed and am doing so, goodnight to our West Coasters, Prayers for all.

    Maybe Mary Poppins has the button you push and out comes a sermon.

  66. Mary Poppins is firmly in place as the final scene of this conflicted sermon (thanks be to Songbird and purechristianithink), and I'm about to take a shower and go to bed (although I kind of fell asleep at the computer earlier). Cheers to everyone who is finished (and I hope the west coasters are finished now too)!

    (Wait...I'm supposed to drive across the state tomorrow afternoon on HOW much sleep? Argh.)

  67. Now I'm worried that you will all do more with Mary Poppins than I did.
    But that's okay.
    Blessings to you as you preach. May God's word, and people's hearts, be opened.

  68. Songbird do more than you? I don't think so. You have such a way with words, you'll do beautiful.

    Good morning sister and fellow Mary Poppins's fans. God be with you this morning.

  69. Put what I had to bed last night about 8:30--DP and I needed us time--and am about to do a final polish (the luxury of a late service!).

    Think I'll see if I can't slip in Mary Poppins somewhere. "Feed the Birds" was always my favourite song from that movie...

    Anf then I'm walking it, not matter what it looks like by then!

    Blessings on all preachers, speakers and sermoners today!

  70. Done! Don't know if the stewardship committee is gonna love it since I insist this passage really isn't about giving all our money to the church, but about justice. Oh well. I'm sure the elder will make any corrections he deems necessary when he stands up to give the offering meditation after the sermon.

    Blessings on all this beautiful Sunday morning.

  71. Arghhh! THe sermon preached well except that Mary Poppins is apparently not as popular in Canada as in the States! Two of my Board members told me after the service (privately) that they had never seen the movie and no idea what the whole bird woman thing was about...

    On the bright saide, it still spoke to them, since I recited all the lyrics to them. No I did NOT sing it... they already have to suffer through me singing Communion.

  72. Just checking back after church. I'm pooped, but all went well. Smiling at Vicar the the Mary Poppins idea. I'll use it when I'm talking about giving. And LOL at poor Rainbow Pastor.


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