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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For All the Saints: Wednesday Festival

A blessed All Saints' Day to everyone!

You say you didn't get enough of that Halloween candy? Well, leave it alone, and go check out something far sweeter: Reverendmother's girls and Songbird's Princess in their Halloween costumes! EDITED TO ADD: And photos of Mindy and the Baby Gator, back when BG really WAS a baby! AND photos of the cutest little bug you ever saw, and of Quotidian Grace and some darling little girls.

Walking with the Lord
Moving along to November: Amy Yarnall shares: "Life and faith shape my perspective... and gratitude makes a significant difference in how I see the musings during the month in which we give thanks..."

Songbird writes beautifully about the fear of listening to Jesus' question, "What do you want me to do for you?" After reading it, Musing Disciple was inspired to write a lovely and moving meditation on meeting Jesus face to face.

Did anyone think ministry was going to be easy?
Well, it takes exercise and honesty, folks. Queen Mum has a great post about the muscles required for ministry. And Divine Cupcake is heading off on a mission trip, but first she has taken a stand!

Don't miss InnerDorothy's post in which Sue's psyche pays an unexpected visit...

But of course, first is ordination!
Teri (Clever Title) has been ordained! And, in case you were doubting it, she LOVES her new job!

You Have To Take Care of Yourself
Lorna has posted on refreshment with a great post entitled Tanked Up (it's not what you think!) I need to print this out and post it by my computer! Then she immediately had a reminder of how fast we can get back to Running on Empty.

Human Relations 101
Salt For The Spirit confesses she has told a marital lie, and is going to quit doing it. It is a great lie, though!

Whatsoever You Do to the Least of My Brothers...
Remembering The Alabaster Jar gives us the lowdown on that (RED) shirt at the GAP. Just how is a $50 T-shirt going to end poverty?

RevAbi has a great post on Lost Voices. Even though it is about losing her voice from being sick, it is also about other voices being silenced or lost.

Just Celebrating!
Amy at Stories from the Red Tent has finished her seminary application! Huzzah, and go and read! Wonderful and moving stuff.

Sally says, "I’ve at last been brave enough to produce a Tarot reflection on the garden of Eden and a longing for wholeness!"

JWD celebrates the completion of her comprehensive exams by overdosing on a week's worth of General Hospital in one day! Did you know Luke and Laura are about to celebrate their 30th Anniversary?! (Boy, does THAT make me feel old!!!)

And we have some wonderful images of the Kingdom: here and here - from Carmen, In the Open.

Things We Love and Ponder
PreacherMom says, "My RGBPs have great taste in books and media. What about podcasts? I'm looking for some advice..."

Christine (Sacred Art of Living) is inspired by a poem, and by EVERYTHING that increases her.
Julie at OneHandClapping points us to "an interesting discussion we are having over at Emerging Women on the topic of raising the minimum wage."

And, at Terrapin Station, I'm thinking about All Saints and All Souls' Days.

If I missed you, or if there are other fantastic posts out there from The Week In Review, please let us know in the comments!


  1. Ah Mary Beth, a fine posting for All Saints. I think my kids have had enough candy for several kids. Isn't it something.

    God bless All the Saints.

    Thanks Mary Beth,

  2. Thanks Mary Beth for all of your work! I also posted this morning about a more surpring Saint, the kind with four legs

  3. Here's a nomination that went to the wrong address, and a very good post it is, at don't eat alone.

  4. I can't figure out how to comment on Musing Disciple's blog so I'll say it here: Ignatian spirituality and cats; how good can life get?

  5. Help! I need advice about communication and working with what you have over at The Kitchen Door.

    Thanks, ladies.


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