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Monday, November 06, 2006

Meet n' Greet: Reboot Edition

It's getting late so let's RAM ahead! Come on up and greet the latest to our neighborhood - don't be afraid. They won't byte.

Okay, I'm done with that. On to the intros!

Traveling Mercies (although I must admit I like the url better, 'theology nerd'.) Here you will find "The musings of a seminarian soon to be clergy on all things sacred and profane." She describes herself as "pastor in process. lover. explorer. reader. preacher. at this point in major transition."

Erica Schemper: "Presbyterian pastor, teacher, preacher, mom, occasional runner and biker, seeking to be a good disciple and make good disciples of my own kid and the kids I pastor." She has cats and a new baby girl... AND knitting needles. Don't all of those things come standard in the revgalblogpal kit?

You've Really Got to Love Your People: Reflections on life as a young, progressive, female pastor in (mostly) conservative rural America. I've been doing this church gig for over four years now, but people still say "You can't possibly be old enough to be a pastor!" Everyone says this is a good thing, but... Someone asked me recently if these four years have been a good ride. Yes, indeed. Not easy, but good. And full of stories, too many of which have been lost. Here's to saving stories!.

Take My Hand: I'm a United Methodist teenager making my way through the joys and trials known as American high school life, while looking forward to the future's possibilities in my life and Church.

there's a new wind in the Windy City (let's hope it doesn't break... sorry, it's been a long day). Written by Rachel Frey she says: I am the planter/visionary pastor of Wind of Peace Church - a vibrant, progressive, and inclusive church start-up in Chicago's South Loop. It's a great gig; I mean, I get to work for justice and to share the good news that life - and the world - can be radically different.

Amor Fati: Brooklyn: A place dedicated to learning to be present to myself, God, and others. I'm a thirty something new mom, teaching at a Christian college, feeling like a pastor but not ordained.

Head on over and introduce yourselves, and if like my older parishioners you also feel the need to apologize for me that's okay too.



  1. Thanks for your persistence Will Smama and for introducing us to more wonderful folks. Although I don't have any babies (or other children) / cats / and/or knitting needles! I must not have been sent the welcome kit. :-)

  2. SAL - You was robbed! Hopefully you got the wine and cheese gift package instead?

  3. Welcome to everyone. I enjoyed visiting all of your blogs.

  4. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!


  5. Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to getting to know all of you as well.

  6. I am sorry for this belated howdy, but howdy and welcome to revgalblogpals, hope it is meaningful to you. Look forward to your blogging.


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