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Monday, November 27, 2006

Meet N' Greet


Young and Collared - In her own words: Trying to hear God speak in daily life, through my experience as a twenty-somthing young woman on her way (God willing!) to ordination. There will be a quiz later to determine who checked out her blog. Because if you do then you will know what 'Diwali' is.

Common Places - In her own words: Random mutterings of an overeducated bibliophile and sometime theologian. Go check out her 'thankful' list.

Let's see now... who shall we meet... How about Christine Valters Paintner!

Got blog? (where do you blog)
At The Sacred Art of Living (

What gives you joy?
Spooning with my husband, walking in the woods, silence and stillness, leisure time with great friends, creating, writing, laughing, being fully present to the beauty of the world.

What is your favorite sound?
The deep and longing notes of a solo cello

Describe a perfect day in your world.
Sleeping in, fresh fruit for breakfast and a pot of Irish Breakfast tea, recording my dreams and time for writing and journaling, playing with art materials, stretching slowly, relishing silence, going for a long hike with a good friend, a warm bath with dead sea salt, a nourishing dinner of fresh fish and vegetables, watching a movie with my beloved and then snuggling until we fall asleep.

You have up to 15 words: what would you put on your tombstone?
She witnessed to the sacred mystery beating at the heart of the world

What color do you prefer your pen?
Purple, pink, or green!

What magazines do you subscribe to?
Sojourners, Spirituality & Health, National Geographic, Southwest Art (great collage images!)

What is one of your favorite memories?
Hiking in the mountains of Austria in the summers when I was growing up, reaching those far off huts for a bowl of homemade knodel soup.

What is something you want to achieve this year? This decade? This lifetime?
Make more and more time for writing, for art, for dreamwork, for hiking, for cooking, for being.

Peace, friends and prayers for Songbird and Reverend Mommy and hubby. All three are battling nasty illnesses. Blech!


  1. Welcome on board to RGBP and good to see Sacred Art of Living featured! Great job Will smama.

  2. I already know what Diwali is because I live in a neighborhood full of Hindus.

    But I'll check out her blog anyway!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thanks for all your comments, friends! It was quite a surprise to see myself "head-lining" the Meet'n'Greet!

  5. Welcome aboard Kerygma and Common Places!

  6. Welcome you two,
    and Christine, what a thoughtful heartfelt spiritual person you are who is real, and not just a holy shmoly.

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