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Monday, November 20, 2006

Monthly Mission Moment--Holy Smoke!

So I'm lookin' at the RGBP website wondering, Gosh, I wonder why no one has posted anything for Monday when it hits me ----it's the THIRD MONDAY! Time for a Mission Moment!

This Month's Mission Moment comes from Rhiannon at Sundae, Sunday.

In the midst of the music and the booze of Austin's notoriously rowdy 6th Street district is St. David's Episcopal Church.

Established in 1848, St David's boasts one of the largest Episcopal parishes in the nation and takes up an entire city block downtown, including a multi-level parking garage popular with late-night revelers. Our janitor, Gus, is often at the church late into the night and he had the opportunity to see the inebriated partiers staggering towards their cars, getting ready to drive home even though they were in no condition to do so.

Gus didn't like the idea of those kids driving home drunk, so he did something about it. He's not our Rector, he's not on the vestry, he's not even on any of the committees that so visibly do good works throughout the community. He's just a "regular guy" who, because his work for the church isn't glamorous, gets overlooked.

Like any true Texan, Gus believes in the restorative powers of Vitamin B --barbeque. He organized a few of his fellow maintenance workers to start serving up bbq, sausage, and other goodies to the hungry folks walking back to their cars. The Holy Smokers were born. They set up tables, chairs and a giant pit smoker in the alley by the parking lot and, wouldn't you know it, the folks who were wobbling towards their cars, stopped and ate some bbq instead.

If you have a unique and innovative mission project that is working where you are, let us know by clicking the Mission MOment button on the sidebar. See you in December


  1. We went to seminary in Austin and loved it... I miss all that good bbq (though my hips sure don't!)

  2. love the title of this post ... love the mission even more.

    wow :)

  3. I love creativity like this mission project! Thank you, God, for people who see the needs of the community and respond!

    Vitamin B is right! I'm an Eastern N.C. Barbeque fan!

  4. That is a wonderful mission idea ...makes me a little homesick (sniff)

  5. Brilliant idea! I love the reaction and the creativity.

  6. Thanks for sharing such a creative and important ministry!

  7. Love BBQ and the Holy Smokers! Isn't it always the "regular folks" who get the most creative ideas?!

  8. Thanks PCIT for covering this. I'll take the December one! Love the Holy Smokers...

  9. You know whats great about this, nobody told him to do it, no hierarchy no priest, he did it. He saw a need and did it. Do we?


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