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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Gracious and Loving God, we give you thanks for this day and for the blessings we find in it. We thank you for all the goodness around us – for small and great acts of kindness that remind us of your presence in our complicated world.

We thank you for the people who inspire us to live lives of faithfulness and compassion. We thank you for the prophetic voices who call us to remember that your love is for all people. Thank you for those who work for the cause of peace and justice in your world, and guide us to do likewise.

Grant your presence and your peace to all in need of your grace and healing. We pray for all who are ill in body, mind or spirit…for those who are poor, or hungry, or oppressed…for those who feel no joy in the passing of each day…and for all who have been hurt or excluded from the best things in life on the basis of their race, gender, socioeconomic place, sexual orientation or physical and developmental ability.

Be with all of these, O God, and pour out the blessing of your Spirit upon them, and bring them the peace of knowing your amazing grace. Guide us as we go from here, that we may be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. May we see the face of Christ in everyone we meet, and may we embrace the world with your peace, your justice, and your love.

And now in the name of the One who taught his friends how to pray, we sing together…


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  1. thank you for a beautiful prayer and inspiration. as i prayed, i could feel God in my midst, which even though I know she's there, i don't always notice her presence. thank you.

  2. thank for this--I am incorporating it into my verbal prayer in worship this morning...

  3. How lovely this prayer is. I too will use it today.

    I see that you sing the Lord's Prayer too. My congregation says and I often feel that singing the Lord's Prayer is the most worshipful moment in our congregation every Sunday!

    Have a blessed day

  4. Gee...I hope you guys save these things. That should be the next book project: Prayers For Worship.

  5. For those of you who sing the Lord's Prayer, what tune do you use?

  6. We use #959 in Voices United, composed by David Haas in 1986. It is lovely.


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