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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Festival Street Parade

Hi and welcome to another fabulous Wednesday festival. This is my first round up, and it is full of great stuff.

In my part of the world we have just celebrated The Fisher's Ghost Festival. This is our regions annual festival; some regions celebrate people, events or nature. We celebrate a dead man, Fred Fisher's, ghost.
So I thought I would throw a Wednesday Festival, ala Fisher's Ghost, with a street parade, stalls, a carnival and most importantly fireworks for you all to sit back and enjoy.

First we have an Indian themed Float from Good in Parts, reflecting on India's unique society, specifically the caste system and her experience reading the Times of India.

This is followed by a wonderful float filled with all the things we are thankful for.
Besomami shares a picture of her beautiful girl.
Lutheran Geek reflects on the freedom that comes with the quirky, wonderful, fabulous, families that know you best and love you most.
Jill has found her writing mojo again with a fantastic list of things to be thankful for, and the peace that comes with being still by Christmas lights.
Sally has been challenged about the depth of being Christian and is grateful for it. Sally is also celebrating the amazing achievements of her daughter at her graduation. Congratulations Emma!!
Sue at Inner Dorothy
is thankful for Ordinary Time and for all those who have contributed.

This is by far the largest float in the parade!

Now I am seeing a fabulous float made up of a collection of sermons, firstly Sally's sermon, Christ is King, and also Pambg's sermon, Christ is King of Heaven and Earth.
This float concludes with a very entertaining hymn also from Pambg.

The next float is called Quest. It has a number of questions people would love an answer for.
Featherlessbiped is a RGBP newbie and is asking about accessibility and professional boundaries ie mobile phones. Drop around and say hi.
asks the question, "What makes a good Sound Check?" (for me it's the Sesame Street counting song)
Pink Shoes is asking "What are you reading?"
And Reverend Mother asks about the giving of cards and Gift cards during this festive season.

Psaltery, Sue at Innerdorothy and Deb, are parading on the Christmas/Advent Music Meme float, don't forget to wave.

Deep South has her own multimedia float with beautiful images from the Deep South and the new Johnny Cash tribute video.

Our next float is called Ponderings. It is a wonderfully diverse mix of Snowflake's, David's last word's and God's presence from Milton, a fabulous read.
And an inner journey about the transition from Seminary back to the real world from

And our final float in the parade today is Sally as she looks toward advent, with less tinsel and tea towels, and more angels and also looks at ways of warding off burnout.

Well that brings us to the end of our parade for the Wednesday Festival. Thank you to all those who have contributed, making a simply astounding street parade.

Please continue to nominate those wonderful blogs which are out there. Because although Fisher's Ghost only comes out once a year, the Wednesday Festival comes around every week!




  1. Great job! Love those floats!

  2. I've blogged about loo rolls here!! Not sure that loo roll is quite worthy though!

  3. I missed the Festival deadline on this one...over at The Psaltery there's a neat idea for a blog Posada -- progressive blog way stations for the Holy Family on the way to Christmas.

  4. Hi
    The "mike check" is actually here and please call me Deb :)
    not my surname... (Besides, every time someone says "Mrs. Vaughn" -- after 20 years I still look around for my mother-in-law!)


  5. BTW - The loo rolls had me in stitches, Chelley!!

  6. Wonderful parade, RevEm!
    (I had something pithy to say, but forgot it.)

    Sue was grateful for the Ordinary Time book, as am I. It was a bear to get to press, but well worth the effort. It has been a real source of inspiration to me this summer and into the fall. Thanks all of you who contributed!

  7. Oh, yes...and over at The Winged Man , Jorge has a link to an Arabic radio station with lovely Orthodox chant, for chant fans.

  8. Deb, I have changed your name to Deb.
    I understand where you are coming from if someone calls Mrs Walsh, I don't turn around. After 10 years it still doesn't click that they are calling me. The link has also been fixed. Blessings

  9. Great job revem. I just started blogging about the places My Hubby and I went to see on our honeymoon in Rome here. There will be more to come. Like lutheranchik I missed the deadline.

    Now I'm off to read. It looks like there's a lot of great stuff.

  10. terrific job well done. Thanks

    what a lot of lovely reading too :)

    bless you all - as we step into Advent. wow :)

  11. Thanks Revem
    I started to "watch" the parade but was jerked back into study hall to finish my paper. I guess I will watch them on tivo tomorrow... ;)


  12. I probably won't get to traveling around the Wednesday Festival parade participants until Friday evening or Saturday, but I sure enjoyed the festivities. What a parade!

  13. This is by far the best parade I have ever seen. It beats all the "Bowl parades", Christmas parades, and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. What a wonderful collection of floats. Love the queenly wave everybody.
    Good Job Em!

  14. Well done, revem! Great festival today.


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