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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wednesday Festival

Dear friends,
Here follows the Wednesday Festival, posted a little bit early.

Enjoy the reading -- there's lots of good stuff out there! And don't forget to nominate for next week. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged!
Reverend Mommy is in a picture sort of mood. She has put up some pictures of their fall
"cruise" around the lake and pictures of the silver bowl that she reclaimed from the trash. Also, she has found out what her obit will say. Like all the cool revs.

Going on to Perfection has had her first pastor's article appear. She also has a profound ecological, ethical, conservationist, theological post that we have all probably thought but not said.

Hipastorzwife2b wrote this parable of the book case that Jesus probably would tell today, at least to his disciples.

Terrapin Station asks us the all important question? If you're an Elder, does that make you old? Go help her figure out all the denominational differences.

Musings from the First Year Out has pictures from her ordination. Go wish her congrats.
And she has an important question about having hobbies as a minister.

Walking Wet proposes crossing a church's stewardship drive with the public radio/public television pledge drive? Maybe she is on to something. It must be the money, donation time of year because Cheesehead had two posts on it; one on the wrong kind of poor and the other on the wrong kind of generous.

Vicar of Hogsmeade writes passionately about her struggle with Rhuematoid Arthritis. Songbird has a wonderful story about being Set Free to be who she really is.

Big Dunk has a good post on the recent downfall of Haggard as does Inner Dorothy and Musings of MicahGirl is heartbroken over it. Juniper68 at Possible Water shares her take on Ted Haggard.

How many of the revgalblogpals are writing the great American Novel as part of NaNoWriMo?

Carmen's been doing some thinking about cars, God and unpacking.

Revabi wants to know your thoughts on creativity and preaching? Is creativity a part of the preaching process? Is creativity part of your preaching process? Another Unfinished Symphony shares a meditation on Isaiah.

Musing disciple has some parish members working to pave the way for a spring mission trip.
Christine is asking "where are all the men?" over at her blog, Sacred Art of Living.
She would love to hear from others about their experiences with male participation in spirituality programs. Milton has a great post on why church matters to him.

Rebel without a Pew asks how do you deal with compassion fatigue, especially among members?

Quotidian Grace has posted a preview of the upcoming PCUSA Moderator's Conference that she will be attending later this month in Louisville, KY. Also, she is serving as an election official in her precinct and will post about the events of the day in Tom Delay's precinct that evening.

Cheers, Pink Shoes


  1. I look forward to perusing all these links. What a GREAT JOB you did putting it together!

  2. Wide Eyed and Laughing has a link and post about the blogging version of the national novel month too, and you know, its never too late to take up the challenge!

  3. Pink Shoes what a wonderful job you did, and even signing off in pink. Wide Eyed and Laughing, I have considered it, but i have enough to write this month along with sermons.

  4. So many little time...

    Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I have some great dog pictures at my place.

  5. I can't keep up. I hate that!

    As for me, I've met Ted Haggard and talked with him. Perhaps that makes the post I finally was able to write a bit different. I'm angry and I'm sad.


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