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Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Eve Prayer

As always, cross-posted at Innerdorothy.

God of humility and innocence, God of wonder and miracle, we give thanks today for your power and presence in our midst. In Jesus – his birth, his life and ministry, his death and resurrection – you have shown us that greatness can emerge out of vulnerability, and that with you, all things are indeed possible.

This morning, God, we ask that you guide our journey to the stable. May all your people gather this night around the Holy Family, bringing hopes, fears, joy, sorrow, delight and most of all love into our circle of adoration. May we hear the song of the angels as the birth is announced and may our voices ring out with praise at the miracle of it all.

Eternal God, in the name of the tiny babe of Bethlehem, we pray for all humankind…for the strong and the weak, for the poor and the wealthy, for oppressed and oppressor. May all kneel together at the manger, seeking help, healing and hope.

God of comfort, swaddle us in the safe closeness of your divine embrace, and bring us peace. May your name be praised and glorified on this day of wonder, and forever more…

And now we pray as Jesus taught us to pray…


Blessings and a Joyous Christmas to one and all!!


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  1. Thanks for another great prayer!
    Merry Christmas, Y'all!
    Peace and Love,

  2. Beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  3. Wonderful prayer... I hope you don't mind, I posted it on my blog as well. Of course, I gave you credit!

    Peace to you, and many blessings this Christmas Eve.

  4. thanks all!

    takemyhand: feel free to use the prayers posted here in any way you like.

    peace and blessings to everyone,

  5. Thanks for this wonderful prayer Sue.


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