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Friday, December 22, 2006

Festive Foods Friday Five

Well friends, we've covered advent, music, and movies/TV--but we here at F5 HQ would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that quintessential holiday topic... fooooooooood.

1. Favorite cookie/candy/baked good without which, it's just not Christmas.

2. Do you do a fancy dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, both, or neither? (Optional: with whom will you gather around the table this year?)

3. Evaluate one or more of the holiday beverage trifecta: hot chocolate, wassail, egg nog.

4. Candy canes: do you like all the new-fangled flavors or are you a peppermint purist?

5. Have you ever actually had figgy pudding? And is it really so good that people will refuse to leave until they are served it?

Edited to add: Well, I am APPALLED with myself that I forgot to include a question about the crown prince of holiday foods--the fruitcake.

Feel free to add your thoughts on this most polarizing holiday confection.

As always, let us know in the comments if you play. And a handmade buttermilk praline from the reverendhousehold to all those to link directly:
<a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>
For a complete how-to, click here.

And finally--may Christ be born anew in your hearts this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Rats! Sally beat me!!! And... I have a figgy pudding recipe to boot!
    See it here

  2. Well forget the above link - it didn't work.

    Now try this one.

    I hate it when I screw up the link.

  3. Well I am APPALLED with myself that I forgot to include a question about the crown prince of holiday foods--the fruitcake.

    Feel free to add your thoughts on this most polarizing holiday confection.

  4. I'm glad I ate a good breakfast before I played.

  5. Oh, I want so much to play this one, but I don't want to interrupt the O's! I'll wait until the second day of Christmas, and enjoy everyone else's answers for now.

  6. I've got the Friday Five on Feasting here and a related post on Christmas cookies here. Merry Christmas!

  7. Foody Friday - I love it. I played here! Thanks RevM.

  8. Great - now I'm hungry. Thanks lots. :-P

    Find out everything you wanted to know about Ostkaka here.

  9. My answers will be up (eventually) at my blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!! Blessings of Christmas on everyone.

  10. Glad I played--the F5 reminded me I needed to bake my cornbread today so it will thoroughly dry out for Christmas dressing Monday.

    There's also two way overripe bananas in the kitchen and y'all know what that means --banana bread!

  11. Whoops! I think I've got it here!
    Please remove the previous one if possible!

  12. I've played for the first time! So exciting. I'm also avoiding cleaning. To view my procrastination technique go here

  13. Food ... glorious food.

    Who can resist!! Especially when the alternative is cleaning.

    Here are my exploits!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  14. You betcha. My Friday Five is here! And as a bonus, I posted my "must have" recipes HERE!

    God's peace and joy to all of you this Christmas!


  15. Now bring us a Friday five, now bring us a friday five, now brign us a friday five, and post it right here!
    Did someone say FOOD?

  16. Here's mine, if blogger works.

    If not, I'm at

    So there.

  17. I played! The first time in a long, long time. It's good to be back, and to be reminded of yummy Christmas Cookies- Greek ones, gingerbread ones, chocolate ones, oh my!

    I'm here at Listing Straight

  18. I played too.
    And my sermon for Advent 4 is posted just below...this is me, looking for feedback on that before it's time to preach it!

  19. Reemerging at last to play Friday Five.

    Try this.

  20. I'm back in today.

    Go look here.

  21. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy feasting!


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