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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday Advent Festival

Greetings wonderful friends! And happy first week of Advent! There are lots of goodies this week, so let's get right to it. . .

Where would the RevGals be without lots of great Advent Sermons and other reflections?

Reverend Mommy submitted
her very first video to Sermon Spice

Tripp at conjectural navel gazing
preached using the words of Bono...sang the tune and everything in his sermon. Who'd a thunk?

Gannet Girl at Search the Sea offers
these reflections

Jennifer at Ordinary Time would love some comments on her
Advent Sunday Sermon

Scott at Nachfolge preached
"Ready for...What?" AND worked in a Grey's Anatomy reference - and wants to know does he get points for that?

Steph at Narrow at the Outset is realizing that she should go ahead and start showing her nunliness now that we're in this holy season of Advent — or at least start off
with some good intentions. But, two days into Advent and two days of reflections ... so far so good!

Milton at Don't Eat Alone is keeping a journal during Advent, which means writing everyday. One of his posts this week is a moving short story, called
"Waiting Room."

Gallycat shares a meme full of fun Advent/Christmas questions.

Do You Need Some Christmas Gift Suggestions?

Reverend Mommy offers her
"Yeah, Right" Wishlist

Quotidian Grace suggests a Christmas Gift Idea from Joel Osteen.

There are of course other winter activities. . .

. . . like
walking in the snow. At this time of the year, it helps slow Inner Dorothy down in the midst of all the rush.

And of course the ever-present Christmas music

which Reverend Mother
blows off a little steam about its 24/7 presence.

This is a fun time of year to try out some new recipes for those holiday parties,
Jennifer at Ordinary Time shares two that sound yummy: No Knead Bread and
Carnitas. Mmmmm, I'll be right over!

For those of you with too much time on your hands, perhaps you want some suggestions for books to read. Scott at Nachfolge is working his way through 100 books he's read and
posted #65-61 this week.

There are of course other things to think about than Advent and Christmas.
Reverend Mommy offers
a proposal and a prayer for unity among UMC.

Carmen at in the open space found a
place to make your own “motivational” posters online and had some fun.

Deb at Unfinished Symphony is
thinking about God's mercy.

And I am starting a process of cleaning out lots of stuff and
offering some free books to those who want them!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Let me know if there are any errors or wonky links, Blogger was being bad as usual (how do you regular Blogger folk manage?) And if we missed you, leave a comment with a link below!

Blessings this holy season of darkness,
Christine at
Sacred Art of Living


  1. Great stuff, as usual. I especially love the Advent sermons.

  2. What a great bunch and so lovely in lavender. Hubby preaches 3 times this week so I am "computer non grata" you next week!

  3. Last week I preached for the very first time at my church. It was a small crowd but Im really happy with my sermom. You can check it out on my blog on the Nov 30 post. The link is Sorry no link computer was being stubborn!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. If you're looking for carnitas and found bread instead, the link is:

    Previous comment wonked the link under something else, so I did a redo :)

  6. wonderful group of sermons... you all inspire me!

  7. Also, I've started reposting the devotionals from last year -- wrong lectionary year, but still good reading.

    A Light Blazes in the Darkness

  8. Um, my sinister friend, Tony Bassoprofundo, wrote his own take on the Christmas story on my blog
    . I've learned over the years that when Tony expresses an interest in something (like guesting in my blog), it's best to say 'yes'.

  9. Wow a lot of good stuff. But I have to say that Reverend Mother's Christmas music post is the best. If you haven't read it--go! Now!


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