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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday Festival - late Advent Edition

Oh the Wednesday Festival is here and do we have a line up for you! We have a little bit for everyone here today. Let’s start off with that of the more spiritual news….

From the Department of Theology……

  • Keep See-through Faith from reeling and on her feet. Her church has decided on NO CHURCH on December 24th, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Her remedy? Focus on the lessons and carols that she attended. Another of her posts shares with us God’s obsession with us.
  • Sally shares some thoughts on the incarnation God is truly with us. And who and what is church? Find out her thoughts and findings on that topic too.

From the Pastoral Concerns Division

  • Deb reminds us that for some, the holidays are not a happy time and offers suggestions to how we might help them.
  • Chillyfingers shares a heartwarming story about a special moment that makes being a pastor worth the effort – such a touching story!
  • Emily’s not calling anyone any names, but the names she has been called by those around her! Can you add to the list?
  • Clevertitlehere has a confession to make about boundaries – I bet there are some of us who can identify with these! Don’t just stop there with her – go to her dots and thoughts and make sure you watch the YouTube video of the 12 days of Christmas for a good laugh and entertainment!
  • More on boundaries of a different kind. Go on over to Emily’s and see what suggestions you can give to whistling.

Department of International Affairs and touching stories department….

Mary Beth may be firmly planted right now in the Western Hemisphere, but her friends have gone all the way to China to adopt their baby boy. Check it out here and here and be prepared to shed some tears of joy!

And in the fine arts department…..

  • Moans and groans over at Quotidian Grace’s blog. A communal effort was made many RGBP – do you think it will make into the next hymnal?
  • Move right over to Carmen’s blog to check out the movie list she created for the Christmas holidays. Think I am going to add these to my Netflix queue!
  • And once you get through watching that movie, why not come dancing with MOI! Step right up and see if you can keep up with this elf!

Don’t let this milestone go unnoticed!
Ten years can go by in a flash, and yet so much can happen. Go wish A. Lin a happy tenth anniversary! Woo hoo!

From the RGBP Culinary Institute…..

  • Just yesterday a friend of mine and I were reminiscing about a time at the coast and a dish of shrimp and grits (all you folks who haven’t had grits.. eat your heart out!). We were talking about the fact that we had not found a recipe for it and wouldn’t you know… a fellow RGBP comes to the rescue! Never tried shrimp and grits??? You are in for a treat – go here to find the recipe!
  • And what better to go with those shrimp and grits but…. Bubba biscuits!!! Yessiree….. After a good sip, make sure you use the rest of the brew for these Bubba biscuits. According to Grace 1-4, these would be great for the RGBP 11th hour party.
  • And while we are on the topic of food… let’s look at a little known December feast day, which observes the feast of the lost kitchen implements. Find out when they will go back to their rightful owners

Oh how we love these memes…. And they seem to be making the rounds lately!
ABCs, 123456789….. 10! Seems like lots of folks are doing this one! Check out The Things I Love here at Sacred Art and Set Free and there are more (just add them in the comments so we can visit you!)

Let's not let the festivities end here......
The Wednesday Festival can continue!!! Just add what you would like to share with your RGBP friends. And.... how bout leaving a comment when you go visit. We can delurk and let our fellow friends that we were there!!!


  1. Wow Cathy- great round-up thanks for taking time to get this done

    Peace and blessings


  2. Lots of intriguing stuff here. I look forward to perusing when time allows. Thanks, Cathy.

    I posted a post too late to get into the festival, but I'd love to hear folks thoughts on my most recent post What we don't know

  3. Great job Cathy, lots of good reading for over the holidays!

  4. As we move closer to the Feast of the Incarnation, check out my sermon for Advent 3.

  5. I probably should have sent this one in earlier, but I'd like to get some RGBP opinions on the Jesus vs Santa videos.

  6. I'm blogging about advent calendars
    Got a chance to read quite a few of the listed today...great job everyone, especially this busy week!

  7. Woo Hoo!
    Sermon Spice put my video up for sale here.
    Woo hoo!
    Y'all let me know what you think!

  8. Reverend Mommy, that video is awesome! Wow.

  9. Nice job, everyone!

  10. thanks Cathy. Superb job

    In Finland we say peaceful Christmas but that sounds too boring for these Rev Gals instead ... Blessed Christmas to you all!

  11. Hey Friends,
    I'm slowly getting back to the blogosphere. And today I've posted a request for help in finding resources to open a dialogue around issues of sexuality with my congregation. Anyone who may have a helpful suggestion, please stop by and let me know! I'm especially interested in what the amazing Rev Gals might be able to suggest. Thanks! jwd
    Blanket in the Grove


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