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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday Festival

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has gotten some well-deserved and well-needed rest.

Karen of KC's Kaleidoscope submitted a couple of wonderful Christmas photos, and the first one just needs to be shown RIGHT HERE! The title is: No More Silent Night! (I have a photo of my boy with a drumset like this, from about five years ago. Just wait, Karen!)

Also see here! Karen's second photo invites you to a caption contest, so there's another Way to Play!

Feeling less than your brainy self? Tune up with the RevGals Trivia Quiz! Cathy, our Trivia Wiz, reports: "December 23rd we were the MOST popular Trivia Challenge Quiz! #1. We can do it again, I know it! Go here to have some fun with the best trivial challenge around!"

Now, go get a cup of tea (coffee, whatever) and settle in for a wonderful read. Karen also shares an amazing creative journal of the one year anniversaries associated with her father's heart surgery, recovery and then unexpected death over two weeks last December. She says, "The journal I kept this year was an amazing gift to me to deal with the reopened grief. It helped me celebrate the life I still have. The most challenging thing I did this year was continue in ministry to hospitalized and dying congregation members rather than run back to the newsroom from whence I came."

Teri has posted about serving Communion. Go ahead...take you a BIG piece!

MoreCows has posted a thought-provoking piece about death and the immortality of the soul and invites your comments.

Go ye forth and comment in the comments, delurking to all bloggers!


  1. This feels incredibly self-serving, but here's my sermon that knits together Hannukah and the Magnificat, just in case anyone is still wondering how I managed to pull that one off.


  2. Thank you Mary Beth for putting the Festival together during this busy time of year!

  3. Thanks Mary Beth for posting a great Wed. Festival and with drums and drummer.

    Ggo ahead and be self-serving abhantiarna solas. If you had not put it into the comment section, I would have never known such a possibility.

  4. Well done Mary Beth, thank you for finding time

    My son Chris has an operation tomorrow , please pray for us

  5. Am praying, Sally, for your son. I hope all goes well.

    I tried to comment on Communion, but blogger didn't like that.

    Thanks for a great post, Mary Beth.

  6. Thanks for the comments & kudos!

    I'm on a ranch outside of Mertzon, TX with 18 members of my family, and using borrowed laptops. This morning, Blogger kept wanting to make me say words that my niece and nephews should NOT hear!!

    Praying for you, Sally, and Chris and everyone.

  7. I love the little drummer boy pic -- reminds me of my brother many, many years ago. The drum set he got was an act of desperation on the part of my parents. My brother learned percussion by beating drumsticks on the lampshades in the living room. We finally had no lampshades left.

  8. Cute photo of the Little Drummer Boy!

  9. Karen's journal was incredible...but I couldn't read some of it because it's a little too close to home, my having lost my mother this past year. I don't think I'm at a place where I could do anything like that.

    BTW...the "little drummer boy" photo is priceless.


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