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Saturday, January 20, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party

After a night of giggles (sleepover for 11-year-old girls at my house), it's time to get down to work this morning. But first, French Toast is on the menu, with real maple syrup. May I fix you a cup of coffee?

I'm going with the 1 Corinthians passage. Sad news about a young woman from this area shifted my direction, reminding me that we don't always have all the time in the world to be disciples, to act on our call to be the Body of Christ.

What are you pondering? And what duties or pleasures will surround or support or distract from your tasks today?


  1. OK so I'm up and trying (not very hard) to get started...
    I think I need to set up a caffeine IV for my blahs.
    I'm preaching Luke, have a rough outline in my head, but feel a little uninspired and will be lurking all day to gather up any insight.
    We have snow, cold, and a slow Saturday on tap in my neck of the woods.

  2. real maple syrup ... wow! I'm leaving some vitamins in the form of fresh fruit (kiwis, mandarines, and pears - washed, peeled and ready to eat) for those who are still fighting the post-Christmas kgs and those who generally like fruit :)

    have a good day of sermon prep!

  3. Ohhh, coffee sounds wonderful. AND French Toast? Yum.

    In spite of having set aside yesterday for the sermon, I didn't get mch one except for some notes--sadly distracted by a situation in the congregation that threatens to become dire. The cavalry (i.e., the next person up in the church hierarchy) may have to be called in. Besides all the struggle and anguish it's causing me and other members, I hate that it's distracting me from things like the sermon and worship which are for all the members. One person is sucking up all my energy, diverting it away from the others. And not in a good way...

    I'm going with 1 Cor and Luke today. We are installing our Board tomorrow, as well as recognizing some members whose memberships have been renewed. Both those go well with the scriptures--we all need each other, no one can do it aone, we have to build each other up, etc. and then the beginning of ministry, but that ministry can't go far without teamwork and unity. Ahouse divided and all that. I will probably borrow your metaphor of the hand, Bongbird (I think it was yours).

    This one's going to be a struggle. However, I have nothing on tap except a phone call from said church official and the church's anniversary dinner tonight, so here goes...

  4. Bongbird, teehee.

    Sorry for the many typos. Clearly need coffee and fruit...Pass a kiwi!

    Oh, and I have one last plum pudding, saved in the freezer, complete with hard sauce. Goes well with coffee, fruit and French Toast...

  5. Thanks for posting about the Angel. Those of us who have children born in Guatemala think about these situations all the time. May she rest with God and all the Angels.

  6. Thanks for posting about the Angel. Those of us who have children born in Guatemala think about these situations all the time. May she rest with God and all the Angels.

  7. I'm with Alex. Having been to Guatemala and having seen some of the dire circumstances for so many children there, my heart breaks to learn that they have lost one of the angels. God rest her soul and continue to keep her work and her passion alive.

    I can't help but think how easily one or both of my youngest children could have been in need of her compassion. And there are so many others . . .

  8. I'm with Alex. Having been to Guatemala and having seen some of the dire circumstances for so many children there, my heart breaks to learn that they have lost one of the angels. God rest her soul and continue to keep her work and her passion alive.

    I can't help but think how easily one or both of my youngest children could have been in need of her compassion. And there are so many others . . .

  9. Alex, my mentor has been there three times in recent years, leading trips from one of our local churches, and I am feeling great sorrow for him, and for all who knew her, this morning. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Well, I had a very unusual week. I had some things that needed to be written down earlier in the week. I spread it out over two days--very unusual for me--and posted them here and here. But now I can at least turn my thoughts to other pressing matters--driving Wondergirl to a friend's house 40 miles away, grocery shopping, and laundry (always laundry). I don't always have the "luxury" of Saturday for those things.

    While I'm out at the store, can I get anybody anything?

  11. PM, I remember hearing her story for the first time and painting a picture of the environment in a sermon at Small Church. Can we even visualize what it would be like to have families living around our city dump? Those of us who have not been there, who live in such safety and relative luxury, have a long stretch to comprehend the poverty and desperation elsewhere.

  12. I am also using the 1 Corinthians passage, and the line that stuck for me is "You are the Body of Christ..." regardless! I read a sermon with a story about a little girl scared of monsters. Her mother reminded her that God was with her through the night. She responded, "I know that God is here, but I need someone in my room that has some skin on!" What a beautiful image for the Body of Christ.

  13. Blogger is being ornery today. It didn't accept my first word verification on my last comment. It took my second and then posted twice. Of course, I've also noticed that it's been constipated on Bloglines again - so who's to say what it might do!

    I am a Saturday writer again this week. I HATE it when I do this. All I have is an idea and an interactive sermon illustration.

    I want to stress, using the Corinthians passage, that every one of us is vital for the health and wholeness of the church. It really DOES matter if an individual withholds time and gifts - it handicaps the entire body.

    Now, how I'm going to say all that, who knows?

  14. I have some mocha coffee, freshly brewed, and my family's famous orange nut bread is in the fridge, the last thawed-out loaf from Christmas. It is good with cream cheese, or just butter--and if you are one of the few who like orange marmalade--ooh, it is a treat!

    As for me, we have a southern gospel group coming Sunday for song and a bit of sharing the word. We aren't exactly a southern gospel music kind of church, but it is my mom's 90th birthday celebration, Texas style, and she LOVES southern gospel.

    Texas...ah, it is 2 degrees F. here this morning, and Texas sounds good. Should be fun. Blessings to all you sermon writers. I'm heading over to the church to unlock the place so the "Voices of Peace" can set up.

  15. I'm churning out next week's sermon today. I know...I know.... but I don't get home before 10 p.m. any day next week and preaching isn't part of my job description so I can't work during the day, so it's do it today or give up sleep. I've never been good at working an entire week in advance, so wish me luck.

    I'm on a diet, so I have nothing decent to add to the table. Some Special K maybe?

  16. Wow, what a story, not only do we not always have a lot of time to be a disciple, but to remember what a difference one person can make and the impact of little actions and things. We live a world of grandiosity, but it really is about the little things.

    I'm preaching on 1 Cor, which I also preached on at the Evensong last week for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. That one, at the RC church was all about baptism and our common name Christian. This one, so far, is about connectedness. I begin with an illustration about a hard boiled egg and that layer between the shell and egg white, connective tissue. We humans also have connective tissue running all through our bodies, and as Christians, as humans we are all connected as well...the actions of one impact others, a disorder in one place inpacts all of us, etc...or something like that. We'll see how it unfolds.

    I only have coffee, no treats. I may make bacon and pancakes later...and will gladly share!

  17. I'm going with 1 Corinthians as well, but I'm focusing on the part where the writer talks about the weakest among us being "indispensible." Those are strong words. It means that those with differing abilities (or disabilities) are not only to be welcomed, but they have a ministry to bring to us.

    I'm using a quote from Jean Vanier about how much he learned about faith from the residents in his L'Arche homes.

    Jesus was always about turning the world upside today we consider the possibliity that we need the ministry of those who appear to be the weakest and least powerful in our community.

    That's what I have so far...

  18. Ok, my sermon is posted on my blog if anyone wants to lurk and leave a comment. It's all about connectiveness: body and community and world. or should I say interconnectedness...but it may also ramble. I need to leave it, make something to eat, and come back later. I hope inspiration strikes each of you this day!

  19. I tossed the Vanier quote. I found a good one in Nancy Eisland's "The Disabled God" that I will use instead.

  20. I, too, was horrified to read about Haley's death.

    I have been a child sponsor with Operation Camino Seguro (Safe Passage) for a little over a year now. It is a marvelous organization and I encourage you to look into it.

  21. I just finished my first draft. It needs to sit and let the dough rise (or fall) as it may.

    I am preaching on the uniqueness that each of us brings to the table (as individual members of the body), and how the entire body can suffer when individuals are absent or gifts are withheld.

    I am using pieces of a jigsaw puzzle as an interactive illustration, asking them at one point to write on the back of the puzzle pieces gifts or talents they bring to the table and then encouraging them to place the pieces in the offering plate as a symbolic offering of themselves.

    I may even go a step further and assemble during the week next week the pieces turned in to illustrate what we can accomplish with what we offer up and what is still missing (from those not in church on Sunday, from those who are not yet a part of the fellowship, etc.)

    Now if I can just remember to buy a jigsaw puzzle with an appropriate number of pieces when I go out shopping later today!

    Too hokey? Please tell me it's not. I really don't want to start over from scratch!

  22. Thanks for the Safe Passage link, Mary Beth. I will be looking into this further.

  23. I got nothin. Love, love, to say something that is not cliche? I admire those of you that have the ability to read things and then remember to quote them. I never remember what I've read for future sermons. If I didn't read it that week, it doesn't make it into a sermon.

    Would help if my mind was not a sieve.

    Heading to the store for milk. Anywbody want anything?

  24. Hillary just announced her candidacy for president in the 2008 election...WHOOO HOOOO
    But this will be a VERY LONG campaign :|

  25. Greetings!

    I'm looking at Jesus' "mission statement" in Luke - and thus ours as the church. Alongside that, I pulled out just the section of the Corinthians passage that focuses on our interdependence. It's Christian Unity Sunday, and there is a round table discussion about homosexuality and the church after worship.

    Sooo...tying all that together: The church is the people - all the people, with all their ideas, and questions, and perspectives. And we need all those people - the ones we agree with and the ones we don't - because we are diminished without them.

    I'm hopeful enough to believe that the church (local, denominational, global) can have unity of purpose without having to agree on all the details.

    Just looked up the recipe for Sangria for the "Around the World" party we are attending tonight.

    Anyone like to sample it when I get it together?

  26. Not hokey at all, it sounds great.
    My house is unusually full of noisy children (they are usually at their dad's on Saturday), and I am feeling pressure because my writing routine is wrecked.
    I feel like a big meanie when I have to tell them to leave me alone, but it may come to that. I really don't want to do a bad job any Sunday, but particularly not on my second outing in a new place!!!

  27. need more help with procrastinating? (grin)

    I posted some wintery pictures from Finland here
    today. (bloglines isn't recognising our new server yet - hence the shameless self-promotion today)

  28. Well, the Christmas tree is down, I have an outline and a couple of paragraphs.

    Chocolate pudding sounds great!

    I still have some plum pudding left, too.

  29. Preacher Mom, it is not hokey. I like it! May steal the idea some day...

  30. Ooh! I'll take some chocolate pudding, thank you.

    I have just returned from a Presbytery training event with 1(!) of my elders. They were told about it months ago, but only one kept the committment (grrrr).

    Mandatory choir party tonight so I really need to buckle down... right after my nap that is.

    I am preaching on the Psalms (we are doing Year of the Bible) and the title of my sermon is... wait for it...

    I Write the Psalms

    teehee - Just how far will that title carry me? It all depends on how many Fanilows we have out here in the country.

    ps - preacher mom, how do you go from flogging yourself about Saturday writing to being done with the first draft in a matter of hours? Did you forget to do all of the mandatory Saturday procrastination things (posting, reading blogs, laundry, putting together a piece of furniture, finishing that book so you can return it to the library even though it isn't due until the end of next week, etc...)?

  31. Why do they cry???

    In the Nehemiah passage (which may actually belong more properly in Ezra) why do the people cry? Is it, as some assume, because they hear the Law read and feel guilty? Or is it out of a sense of joy at being able/allowed to hear it read aloud again? OR is it because they are standing in the hot sun for hours on end and Ezra and company show no signs of stopping?

    Why do they cry?

    [of course maybe Ezra is an incredibly gifted preacher and folks cry at the beauty of his words--no fear of that happening here :)]

  32. Sue,
    I used to do a brief presentation for Sunday School and Youth workers on including those with special needs. I started by asking them to change their questions from "What do we do about___?"
    -What can we do for ____?
    -What can we learn from ____?
    -How will we be blessed through___?

    I'm glad to hear you are taking this track.

    I'm not preaching tomorrow. How I miss leading worship. Thanks for being here for me to drop in and get my fill of sermon prep and soul food. I brought some fancy hot cocoa mix. Enjoy on this wet and cold day.

  33. Sounds like some of us are coming along. Me, I posted my sermon, but just re-read it and it needs some work, some major editing. But I have an idea of where to go with it. Before I get there I have to go to the church and set up for tomorrow.

    A thought:

    Every Sunday we prepare and feed our congregations. Some days we are only able to feed them cold cereal, other days we are able to prepare a brunch and feed them abundantly. Either way they are fed.

  34. Gals and Pals, I'm putting popcorn in the microwave for you, but then I cannot talk to anyone until I have a draft. Deal?

  35. Pulpit exchange Sunday here--so I'm supposed to go to a church I don't know well at all, and preach about the mission we do together as the larger church.

    Which means that 1 Corinthians seems tailor-made, and Luke could complement it nicely. I'm thinking about bringing up the ONE campaign and how we as a church work together towards Jesus' mission as outlined in Luke. But part of me is hung up on Nehemiah still and the strength of the Lord being the people's joy. (Really appreciate Gord's question of why they are crying, too.)

    And my goodness, "I Write the Psalms" sure made me burst out laughing!

    I just have to remind myself that the job of a pulpit exchange is to preach worse than the regular pastor, so the people appreciate him/her more when he/she returns. Lighten the pressure on myself.

    In other news, I have a very stubborn crick in my neck that continues to make me yelp whenever I move too quickly. Any great suggestions for getting rid of it? I'd be forever grateful!

    Songbird--if that's what you gotta do, we stand by you. And thanks for the popcorn. :)

  36. Oh, this sermon is a sad limping thing. I'm afraid it's cold cereal tomorrow, and not a brunch of quiche and fresh fruit!

    Who misplaced the sermon button on my keyboard? I know it was here a few months ago...

  37. I've been waiting for Antonio to make a delivery, but I fear I am on my own.

  38. This morning I left before 7am - no small feat for this night owl - to drive to Syracuse to lead a seminar on young adults and the church. I just got home, and now I have about an hour and a half to finish up the sermon before I have to leave for a church coffeehouse thing. I am really, really glad that I managed to get most of the sermon done yesterday. However, note that "most" is not the same as "all."

    I'm preaching on the Luke passage, talking about the already/not yet of the kingdom of God, and tying it into our Bring Your Weight in Food challenge that begins this week. It sure was nice of the lectionary to sort of fit with my plans!

    I could seriously use some coffee. For some reason, at the event today, they kept brewing decaf. What is the point?

  39. Anyone need a cookie?
    I am recuperating from a dificult week (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) and discoverign that as we get older our bodies do change and may I jsut say, "Hormonal issues" suck BIG TIME!
    Okay, so that siad, things looking better, trying to get back on road to sanity and we can always use some desserts for that.
    Chocoalte cookies anyone?
    Safe Passage sounds so wonderful and Hanley will be mentioned tomorrow in prayers of people.
    May prayers to you as you ponder, write, draft, reflect and seek to share God's word.
    As always I am,
    One For Grace

  40. You won't find any of that decaf around here, Stacey. Fill your cup!

  41. It still needs a conclusion. I suck at endings.

    I have about twenty minutes before I have to dress and head out to the anniversary dinner, and face the difficult person on my Board. My stomach hurts.

    Angel Hanley's family and Safe Passages will definitely be in the prayers of the people tomorrow.

    I think someone mentioned mocha coffee earlier? Please?

    I'll bring back some wood-oven baked pizza and antipasto from the dinner tonight--I'm sure there'll be leftovers.

    And if anyone out there has a spare brain cell for prayer--keep this congregation in your prayers for a celebratory evening tonight instead of a potentially painful scene or two.

    No Antonio at my house, either, SB.

  42. Ok, major re-write under way with serious editing.

    I really suck at endings too. We should compile a listing of good endings that we can use as needed LOL....

    I have mini reeses and earl grey tea, if anyone wants some.

    A couple in our church just adopted a sweet little boy from Guatemala, the angel story hits close to home, she will be in my prayers.

  43. Crick in the neck, evil board members, church choir parties and coffee houses... I think if Jesus had to deal with all of this it would have been "The Sermon on the Mo".

    I am off to get cleaned up for said choir party and await the arrival of my child from his grandparents' house - God bless 'em.

    Hang in there rp, sb, pm, i-4, sf, m-lr, so, s and others... I will SO be back here later because although the parishioners will put up with cold cereal once in awhile they are NOT going to appreciate BYOB(reakfast).

  44. Ooh, I'd love a database of sermon endings! That's always where I seem to lose steam...

    However, I have cranked out the ending of this sermon. It'll be up at my church blog in a few moments. I suspect that I am taking some exegetical liberties with the application, so it may change again before morning, but for now, it is what it is.

    Thanks for the coffee, Songbird!

  45. will smama, sorry about that crick in the neck. you might want to try some heat on the site (hot water bottle, heat pack?) for a few minutes, or a bag of ice, or a pain killer (ibuprofen, etc...)or all of the above, heat, then ice, then pain killer??? all depends on what your body can tolerate and manage safely, i don't know what your limitations are, so just suggestions, you need to choose what is safe for you. perhaps a massage? that is always good...or some yoga...

    i empathize, having lots of cricks...i hope you find relief and feel better by tomorrow...

  46. can i just say, it is hard to write a sermon while watching Dogma....

  47. No problem!
    I pretty much have a sermon now. I need to fill in one section that is basically just a command to myself to write more, but other than that it's pretty well done. Phew! #1 Son goes back to college in the morning, and I really wanted us all to go out to dinner. We're going to scoot out at 6:30.

  48. I think will smama was summing up, mompriest, and the crick belonged to someone further up the line of comments! But that is good advice.

  49. Not for the first time, Dylan has saved me! It's been a bit of a week, and I was really floundering, specially as I heard this pm that the retired priest who was down to preside tomorrow is it's all me.
    However, thanks be to God, Dylan and a following wind, I've written something that'll preach...Interdependence of the body parts, linking with my Indian experiences and thus into the mission of the whole people of God as outlined in Luke. Goodness knows how it will be received, but for once I'm not dreading delivery (which probably means it sucks and I haven't noticed)
    Bedtime here, though...I've had the servers/choristers skittles evening too...where I won a bottle of wine on the quiz. I'll leave it on the table with a bowl of pringles!

  50. Hi friends, I'm home from my travels; a frozen veggie lasagna served as dinner. Not glamorous, but okay.

    I'm listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" on the radio, and having a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, happy to not have to write this evening.

    How's it going?

  51. Ok, I was totally distracted
    :-) ...writing a sermon, blogging, and watching Dogma at the same time.

    Sorry will smama for the confusion....and who ever has the crick in her neck, I do hope you feel better.

    SB, glad you got enough done to go out for dinner with your family!

    Also, I would love a glass of the Savignon Blanc, it would go well with my dinner. We are eating late, chicken and rice, homemade.

    Then, back to sermon...or not???

  52. Just back from errand running and shopping. And yes, I did remember to pick up a puzzle.

    Will smama, the only reason that went so quickly this morning is because the idea has been percolating in my brain all week. Sometimes - this week being one of those times - large chunks are in place in my mind before I get near the keyboard.

    My dad and my sister leave in the morning with a group mission trip to Honduras. Please keep them in your prayers in the week to come.

  53. Tried to post this morning but Bloggr didn't like me then. then had to go to meeting of the regional Disciple Women's exec board.

    I'm still struggling with the plea of some unnamed person in the congregation who put "Help me believe in Jesus" in the Dreams offering basket. It came to me in bits as I read everyone's posts - whoever didn't ask me to help, he/she asked the congregation to help, each with our different gifts. he/she didn't ask to be taught what to believe about Jesus, but in Jesus, so the multitudinous Christologies present among the members aren't the issue - Faith is the issue. So - Luke and Corinthians together, and a plea for the congregation to join me in the struggle to speak out loud and proud about our faith.

    Yes, I got all that from you all - thanks, RVBGs and Holy Spirit!

  54. The neck crick is mine...thanks for your suggestions, mompriest! I was given a Christmas gift that helped too...a mini-shoulder-massager that plugs into one's USB port. Perfect for sermon-writing! But I think a nice heating pad might be the next thing called for. Along with something warm and sweet. Hmm.

    This sermon is NOT being born easily (and Antonio is nowhere to be found). It's nearly two pages of my disjointed blathering and very little good news. I just want it to hurry up and be tomorrow at this time--I'll be in another city, in another state, with another person. Then it's on to a week of continuing ed at a retreat center.

    Whew. Congrats to those who are done! I'd love to hear some of these sermons.

  55. Hi, again! We're fed and home, and I am in the process of cutting out 100 paper hands to distribute in worship for use during our prayer time. I'll be asking people to think of some way in which the church can be the hands of Christ in our community and in the world. I haven't decided yet whether to ask them for the hands (data collection) or to suggest they take them home as a reminder. I'll see how it feels in the moment, most likely.
    How's it coming, everyone?

  56. Just returned from the choir party and I am hoping I can channel some of those 'chunks' preacher mom was talking about. I've got the outline and the research done - even the illustrations so I am going to push hard for an hour and see where that gets me.

    Congrats to all who are done, winding down or not preaching.

  57. semfem, hope that mini-massager helps!

    SB, I like the cut out hands idea - I may need to use that some day...

    I'm letting my sermon rest, like dough that has been kneeded...I'll check back in with it before bed and in the morning, maybe it will become something more in the meantime? (or I will find inspiration)

    rest well everyone, may the Spirit be with you!

  58. thanks pm, its going. If I would stop emailing listing straight as if we were instant messaging it would be going faster.

    I am just about to segway into the part I already wrote earlier today though so that is good.

    Who else is still efforting out there - or is it just me? I lost track.

  59. God is good... out of 1,169 songs on my Ipod, guess what is playing right now.

    That's right. I Write the Songs.

    It is meant to be I tell ya!

  60. Hey Y'all! I'm here. Where are the cookies?

    I'm preaching on the Luke passage.

    The house is quiet. LS gone out. LD watching TV, Mr. C watching "Seabiscuit" and the cats are napping.

    I should be finished soon. I am the Best of the Procrastinators.

    will smama? why does Listing Straight get all the emails? What am I? Chopped Liver?

  61. Yeah, St. Casserole! Thank you... since everyone else went out I can tell you here that I have kept your message to me from December on my cell voice mail and I listen to it when I am bummed... or missing you.

    And y'all don't even want to know what bizarre thing came on the ipod next proving that I have an eclectic mix and perhaps the worst taste in music... ever.

  62. And me? worse than chopped liver?

  63. Come on - what was the song? Inquiring minds want to know!

    And if you want to make sure your sermon never gets done, add me to your list of chopped liver buddies!

  64. Well, er uh, Songbird - I didn't want to get everyone jealous or have them think I was a blogger hog or that I was potentially doing more emailing than sermon writing - which strangely enough I don't think is true.

    How DO I do that? And where IS St. Cass' email address when I need it?

  65. Just finished putting puzzle pieces in envelopes. I hope they don't think I've lost it. This is probably one of the most bizarre things I've done since . . . well, since I handed out play-doh in worship once. Or maybe since I wore a mask in the pulpit. Or . . .

    Looking at the bright side - now I have a work-endorsed excuse for working on a jigsaw puzzle next week!

  66. Don't look now, but...I finally came up with an outline and a theme that work for the sermon.

    And it uses practically NONE of what I have been writing all afternoon and evening.

    um...w00t! *falls over*

    On the bright side, the heating pad and the massager are helping the neck a lot. Here are some cookies and some hot apple cider for the late night crowd.

  67. 49 hands. I wonder how many I really need?

  68. Snackies from semfem, yeah! By the way, the massager that plugs into a usb port is freakin' BRILLIANT!

    I am about to quit for the night I think. To use an analogy from early, my sermon is all over the place for tomorrow, but I think is somewhere between cold cereal and the full brunch. In other words, servable.

  69. Friends, I'm up to 69 hands, and I have to retire. Maybe i can cut a few more in the morning.

  70. Friends, I'm hitting the sack. Last one out, turn off the light, please?

  71. Credit the Brits for that USB massager. A friend living in UK for a few years picked it up for me and brought it to the States. :)

    Still working least it's not putting me to sleep like the last sermon attempt was (which can't be a good sign)...

  72. Okay! Whew! I think I have a pretty decent draft. Off to get ready for bed and read it through once before sleeping.

    *turns out the lights and unplugs the coffee pot*

    Everyone--may your preaching tomorrow also be proclamation. Blessings.

  73. Whoops - slept in this morning. I hope I haven't missed too many of you.

    Great job, semfem.

    Proclamations, indeed!

    Reading back the comments from last night it sounds like there is a lot of positive out there, but if you wake up this morning and don't like what you see on paper (or the plan in your head) don't fret - the Holy Spirit has got your back.

    And if you've got a dog, walk it proud.

  74. And it is done. You can go here to read the sermon I posted on my blog. I want to thank REM for the title.

  75. Tripp, I love that title; I've been saving that one back to use at the right moment sometime.

    I'm also glad somebody else is praching about preaching this morning, besides me!

  76. Songbird, what you need are some electric scissors. Friend of elementary teachers everywhere!

  77. We had enough, in the end. I cut out about 100, and there were 82 people in church. (I'm not sure they counted the children, need to find out.)

  78. I don't know if anyone is gonna see this, and its not exactly an eleventh hour thing, but I have a question about a sermon series I'm trying to put together. I've little experience in series, so any help or advice would be appreciated. I blogged about it here.


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