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Monday, January 22, 2007

A Bright Spot for a Winter's Day -- Monday Meet'n'Greet

The weatherman announced this morning that Dr. Cliff Arnall, a health psychologist at the University of Cardiff in Wales has come up with a formula and discovered that today is the lowest emotional point of the year -- at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere! So here is a bright spot for today --

RevScott at Nachfolge and his wife, Kristin announce that

"It's a Girl!"

Ainsley Joy Suzanne Johnson was born by caesarian section on 21 January 2007 at 8:16 p.m. after 36 hours of labor. Go by and give the proud parents and newborn a shout out!

And I would like to personally welcome one of my favorite bloggers in the entire blogosphere to the RevGalBlogPals -- Guy Kent, better known as the Questing Parson. We have been a part of the same district (for a while!), the same conference (North Georgia), we've gone to the same seminary, we know some of the same people, but haven't been able to meet up for lunch yet! QP writes:

"The parson is Georgia born, and Georgia bred. And when he dies he’ll be Georgia dead. Hopefully, however, even though there’s been plenty of red clay squashed up between my toes, the experiences of life have extended my view well beyond the Georgia borders."

The Parson write beautiful prose -- always thought provoking -- and has just launched his new website so y'all go by and say "hey!"


  1. Reverend Mommy -- I vote you, me and QP all do lunch at Annual Conference this summer... along with whomever else we can round up who are a part of the blogosphere and in N.GA.

  2. wow.. the grammar in that comment is atrocious...

  3. That is a DEAL, Natalie!
    We should have a bloggers only section at Annual Conference -- preferred seating, near electrical plugs and internet connections!

  4. So, today is the lowest emotional point in the year, huh? That explains SO MUCH about my day. Ask my kids--I've been a nightmare all day.

  5. Congratulations to Scott and Kristin!

  6. Highly excellent. QP is a fave of mine as well. and congrats to the new parents!

  7. Fabulous! An excuse for my yesterday!

    And HOORAY for the new little RevGal!

  8. love the idea of AC bloggers' corner. Look forward to it :) lol not that your AC is mine - unfortunately :(

  9. Congratulations to the new parents! And welcome QP.

  10. New baby? Oh wonderful! congratulations!

    QP, the real verse is:
    I'm a Tarheel born,
    I'm a Tarheel bred.
    When I die,
    I'll be a Tarheel dead.

    This is a chant from UNC.

    I AM a Tarheel.


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